The Ultimate Christmas Playlist

Surgeon General Warning: This playlist should only be played between Black Friday and New Years Day. Playing Christmas music outside of this timeframe may lead to serious health risks like physical assault. You have been warned. Don’t be that person.

One of my favorite Christmas memories occurred when I was around 7, and my dad taught me how to use his record player. At the time, the record player was tucked away in our tiny laundry room on the far side of the washer and dryer and connected to speakers in the den. I squeezed through the tiny laundry room and stepped over dirty clothes at least 100x that day all to play one song: “Silent Night” by The Temptations.

Overtime, I discovered New Kids on the Block’s “Funky, Funky Christmas,” Carla Thomas’ “Gee Wiz, It’s Christmas” and Run DMC’s “Christmas in Hollis” and stopped torturing my family with one Christmas song. The Christmas Playlist below is diverse and includes traditional, contemporary, gospel, soul, rap, rock, pop…any and every kind of music you can fathom. I, however, am not infallible. If I missed any of your favorites, tweet them to @KiaSpeaks so I can add them.



And while I think this list is awesome and extensive, my absolute favorite Christmas song isn’t on it, so I added it below. “We Are Christmas” was written by Sarah Stephens when she was still a student at Spelman College. It passes over the materialism and clichés of Christmas and focuses on what I believe is the true mean of Christmas…serving others.