W.O.R.K. Like It All Depends On You; Pray Like It All Depends On Him

“Work like it all depends on you and pray like it all
depends on God.” My college roommate had a sign with the above
quote posted in her room. The first time I saw it, it immediately
struck accord with me, and it’s been one of those quotes that I’ve
kept with me since then. It rings true because when you combine
hard work with God’s supernatural power, there’s nothing that you
cannot accomplish. Dr. Samuel Chand has added even more meaning to
this quote be developing the word “work” into a strategic acronym
that gives you a game plan to achieve your goals.

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30 Days of Letter Writing–Day 5: My Dreams

Dear Dreams,

I really owe you an apology because somewhere along the way of paying bills, providing for my family, and helping others find you, I lost you. My dreams and purposes used to be so clear. But in all honestly over the past two years, they have become blurry to me. I understand why the Bible says, “write the vision” because if you don’t it begins to fade. I glanced at my vision board today and found my old dream notebook over the summer. I think both are signs that I need to begin following you all over again.

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