Author: Kia Speaks

I Have a Good Man, But I Won’t Be Intimate with Him

So there’s this really awesome man I know who loves me unconditionally. He always has my back. He makes sure I have what I need, takes care of home and the family, and ensures all the bills are paid. He’s 120% committed to me and wants us to spend the rest of our lives together……but I won’t be intimate. I know I should, but I have some many things going on. Between work, school, family, and household chores, I’m exhausted by the end of the day, and I just want to roll over and go to sleep. And the...

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The Post Game Show: Friendship is a Commitment Too

I had committed to spending the first 14 days of this month blogging about love, relationships, and all that Valentine’s Day jive, and with all of the dysfunctional relationships on The Game, I knew the writers would supply me with a abundance of relationship topics to write about in my weekly The Game blog. Unfortunately for me, the lovey dobey came in second to friendship on this week’s episode. But amidst my disappointment, I soon realized there’s little difference between true friendship and a relationship. Both are built trust, honesty, and loyalty. Both can be forever destroyed by a...

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Valentine’s Day, Depression, Singleness, and Splackavellies {insert side eye here}

All my single ladies, the countdown has begun! Thirteen days until THE day…yes, Valentine’s Day. For most single ladies, Valentine’s Day is torturous. It’s a continuous, mushy reminder that you don’t have the man, kids, and life you dreamed of for years. As someone who has spent more Valentine’s Days alone than I ever care to admit, I have come up with a list of things you should never do to make up for being single on Valentine’s Day.   #4: Don’t Stay in the House and Cry, Eat Turtles/Ice Cream, and/or Be Depressed—No man wants a sad, unhealthy,...

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Dear Distractions and Emotions, Get the Hell Out of My Way Please!

I love when people click on my old blog post that…the ones I’ve forgotten I’d ever written. It prompts me to go back and read them. In reading them I’ve discovered two things: 1) I have some well-written gems, and 2) at least one typo per entry! 🙂 Today I came across Look Past Your Emotions & Stay Focused. I thought this was a timely discovery. Everyone I know is pressing towards achieving amazing goals. They are also dealing with an enormous number of emotional distractions. This post inspires you to push past the emotional turmoil in your life to achieve your end goal. I hope you enjoy! Click here to...

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Mommyhood, Birthdays, and Big Kids!

Eleven years ago today the St. Louis Rams were playing the Tennessee Titans in the XXXIV Super Bowl in Atlanta. My dad and his doctor friend enjoyed the game while I lay in a hospital bed giving birth. Did I mention that my dad’s doctor friend was my obstetrician? 🙂 After months of anticipating…weeks of praying, “God, I know it’s going to hurt, but please don’t let it hurt too bad,”…and 18 hours of being hooked to machines and filled with drugs, I brought life into the world. Holding in your arms for the first time the life that...

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