Author: Kia Speaks

The Ultimate Christmas Playlist

Surgeon General Warning: This playlist should only be played between Black Friday and New Years Day. Playing Christmas music outside of this timeframe may lead to serious health risks like physical assault. You have been warned. Don’t be that person. One of my favorite Christmas memories occurred when I was around 7, and my dad taught me how to use his record player. At the time, the record player was tucked away in our tiny laundry room on the far side of the washer and dryer and connected to speakers in the den. I squeezed through the tiny laundry...

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Old and Unchosen: My Story

A chill blew across my chest as I lay on the doctor’s table. I pulled my open front gown closed in a pathetic attempt to warm myself. In a weird way, the cold was comforting. Between the summer temps and my anxiety levels, I needed something cool and comforting. I wiped tears from my eyes and took a deep breath. “You will be fine. Just relax.” By this time, my head was pounding. I’d been crying for three days, and my body just couldn’t deal. I lay across the table thinking I had breast cancer. Thoughts of my aunt,...

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You Deserve More than to be Alone

“You deserve more than to be alone,” he said…not realizing that his presence made her lonelier than being single and sexless. Yes, the passionate nights full of deep kisses, slow strokes and tender caresses made her feel good. And she would never complain about the hair pulling, leg trembling and endless orgasms…but after all that was over, it just felt like she was alone…in a dark and dank empty room. This is no relationship, she often thought. This isn’t satisfying or fulfilling. And then they would share a moment, always intimate, often sexual but sometimes not…and that moment would...

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Death of the ‘Cool Girl’

“We were happy pretending to be other people. We were the happiest couple we knew.”–Amy I finally got the opportunity to watch Gone Girl last week. Based on the feedback I’d received from those around me, I’d expected to hate the movie…and the main character, Amy. Surprisingly, the exact opposite occurred. I found myself captivated by the movie and fascinated with the character Amy. By the end of the movie, I was reflecting on my previous relationships and dreams of marriage. Amy and her husband, Nick, started off perfectly. A random meeting between two people with similar passions turns...

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Kia Speaks “Sexual Realities” with Fusion Teen Talk Show

‘Fusion: Teen Talk Show‘ strives to open the lines of communication between teens and adults. Recently, I was invited to discuss the sexual realities of teenage sexual escapades with Marcus Dumas, a sexual education professor, and Hedwige “Didi” Saint-Louis, M.D., MPH. The teens asked great questions and lots of informative info was shared. If you’re in Atlanta, you can view the show on People TV Wednesdays at 7 p.m. Check out the “Sexual Realities” episode below. And make your teen watch it too....

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