Author: Kia Speaks


Love. Love is a paradox. Love is the easiest thing I’ve ever done. It came so naturally and flowed so freely. Love is also the hardest thing I’ve ever done, challenging and growing me. Love has fulfilled me. Love has depleted me. Love has given me immense joy and equal disappoint. I had to find myself before I could properly love others, but by loving others I found more of myself, loved more of myself. Love is worth it…worth the vulnerability, worth the sacrifice, worth the journey. Love honestly. Love completely. Love unapologetically. You are worthy of...

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45 Snapped: How Trump’s SNAP Proposal Oppresses Americans

Another Tuesday and another wild proposal from the Trump administration. After cutting taxes for billionaires, 45 and crew have decided to curve the federal budget by making extensive changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), one of the nation’s most important safety net programs. Instead of loading EBT cards with money, 45 wants to mail out food packages to recipients. Budget director Mick Mulvaney described the program as Blue Apron-ish…only Blue Apron customers have choices…and receive fresh food. Forty-Five’s Apron would ship out boxes of cereal, rice, peanut butter and canned meat, fruits and vegetables. There are more...

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MLK Dreamed of a Salad

We’ve all heard at least a portion of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Delivered on August 28, 1963 at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, this speech is usually summed up by King’s desire to have his four children judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Many people have used this speech to advocate for a colorblind society that ignores or erases our differences in exchange for a homogenous culture and worldview. They feel this leads to an easier, more productive and less divisive society. But in...

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2017 Thought!

2o17 has been a year of duality for me. It’s been full of great leaps into purpose and hard knocks and losses. I’ve lost people. I’ve lost love. Hell, even my damn dog died. Everything I found comfort and joy in was stripped from me. It was hard. There were moments when I was paralyzed, overwhelmed, and honestly, just defeated by the pain, heartache and loss. There have been more than a few moments where I wanted to give up and walk away. But some inexplicable force always encouraged me to hold on, keep pressing and do the work....

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Black Jesus, a Non-Virgin Mary and the Image of God

Last week NBC announced that John Legend had been cast as Jesus of Nazareth in Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert! which will air Easter Sunday. Legend’s casting bumps against the traditional portrayal of Jesus as a white man, despite historical and biblical accounts describing Jesus as a Middle Eastern Jew. While it’s important to acknowledge Jesus’s human characteristics, ethnicity, and religion, we must also accept that the divine nature of Christ transcends all of that. If Jesus is God manifested on earth, then people of all races and ethnicities should see themselves reflected in Jesus. This is why...

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