I usually don’t do this. I’m usually able to find the good in anything and highlight it, but last night I was really irritable while watching the 56th Grammy Awards. And honestly, you all’s tweets didn’t make it any better. So here are the three things that pissed me off while I was watching the Grammy’s.

56th GRAMMY Awards - ShowDragging Queen Latifah Out of the Closet – Queen Latifah officiated a wedding ceremony for 33 couples during Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ performance of “Same Love.” The couples marrying onstage, which included Macklemore’s sister and her boyfriend, were gay, straight, old, young, and of many races and ethnicities. Because of the theme of “Same Love” and the presence same sex couples, some folks viewed the event as Queen Latifah’s coming out party. That bothered me because I’m never a fan of dragging folks out of the closet. An individual’s sexuality is a deeply personal issue, and, in my humble opinion, it is one in which they should get to decide who knows and when, where and how those people find out. It’s inconsiderate and disrespectful to take these immensely personal decisions away from a person. Yes, I’m a fan of people living their truths and living those truths out loud, but it’s not our place to decide if and when people choose to live their truths out loud. Let’s stop stealing these extremely personal moments from individuals and allow them to walk out the closet in their own time…even if it is glass closet that they are standing in.

Jay Z GrammyAccusing Jay Z of Denouncing God – Recently, Rev. Raphael Warnock said, “You can be entitled to your own opinion, but you can’t be entitled to your own facts.” I understand that you all really want Jay Z to be the Illuminati’s anti-Christ, but let’s not create our own facts to support this theory. Okay? Jigga did NOT denounce God last night. He did NOT thank God “a little bit” for his award. He actually said, ““I want to thank God…I mean a little bit for this award, but mostly for that and all the universes for conspiring and putting that beautiful light of a young woman in my life.” Yes, he stuttered and stumbled over his words, but he DID thank God and the universe for his wife. More men should take note. Look, there’s enough real demonic battles for us to fight. Let’s stop making up imaginary battles for our personal entertainment while satan’s stealing the lives of our kids.

macklemore-grammy-2014-650aThe Macklemore Hate – Look, I think Kendrick Lamar was robbed. He has been a catalyst in hip hop and undoubtedly had the best rap album of the year. But that doesn’t justify the hate that was thrown at Macklemore last night. Yes, you can be angry that the person you feel is the best didn’t win. But you don’t get to kick Macklemore out the hip hop clubhouse and deny hip hop its diverse storytelling, you don’t get to demean Macklemore’s artistry and his message, and you don’t get to be upset that the white guy beat the black guy. Honestly, we shouldn’t be upset with Macklemore at all. In fact, he gets it more than most Grammy voters and record executives. Let’s be upset with the Grammy voters and how after 30 plus year, they still fail to understand how to qualify hip hop music. Be mad at “our” award shows, radio stations, record labels and other platforms that do an equally pathetic job of recognizing and rewarding hip hop talent. And let’s be mad at hip hop consumers who refuse to support talented artists every day. And while we’re at it, let’s get over our Taylor Swift hate too. That girl is minding her business writing records and collecting REAL checks. You don’t have to like her music, but you do need to let that child live.

So this post won’t be completely negative, here are three of my favorite Grammy moments. 🙂