Anyone who is personally acquainted with me knows of my inability to hold my tongue. It is both a gift and a curse. My dad always says, “If you decide to go into politics, they will either love you for ALWAYS speaking your mind or vote you out for talking too damn much.” He’s absolutely right.

Barack Obama is a much better man than I am…because if I were him, I would’ve been called a spade a spade…I also would’ve called a racist a racist years ago.

There’s a certain segment of the Republican party that unapologetically believes in white supremacy. They may not call themselves racist, but if you talk to them long enough, you’ll see that they definitely believe white folks are superior to those of other races. While this segment of the party was somewhat disguised over the years, 2008 brought them out in full force.

Having a Black president has forced this group of people to regularly show their asses. Since 2008, Barack Obama has been a radical, black Christian, a foreign-born Muslim, and a treasonist who should be impeached. And where did this certain urge to take back the government come from? Who are we taking the government back from? And where are we talking it to? Segregation? Reconstruction? Or slavery itself? I really wish this segment of the population would just move to Texas and declare themselves a nation…United in Stupidity or something of the sort…but I digress.

President Barack Obama has endured a lot of disrespect over the years, but yesterday’s protest was both ridiculous and obscene.


The protest and some of the barricades placed at the World War II Memorial then moved to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. And it was there that Ashmore waved his Confederate flag. A symbol of Southern resistance and white supremacy unfurled in front of the home of the first black president of the United States. As Jeffrey Goldberg of Bloomberg View and the Atlantic correctly said on Twitter yesterday, “In many parts of America, waving a Confederate flag outside the home of a black family would be considered a very hostile act.”


Ashmore’s reprehensible rebel yell wasn’t the only offensive thing to happen yesterday. In front of the World War II Memorial, Freedom Watch founder Larry Klayman said, “I call upon all of you to wage a second American nonviolent revolution, to use civil disobedience, and to demand that this president leave town, to get up, to put the Quran down, to get up off his knees, and to figuratively come out with his hands up.” (Source: Washington Post)

To wave a Confederate flag in front of a Black man’s house is a quick way to get shot…but, again, I digress.

I will never understand the Confederate flag or its defenders. Let’s for a moment forget that the Confederate flag is a symbol of the enslavement, rape and murder of hundreds of thousands of people, who were deemed deserving of such atrocities ONLY because of their skin color. The Confederate flag also represents a treasonist movement that openly rebelled against the same government that modern-day flag wavers vehemently declare to love. The whole idea is ludicrous, absurd and laughable to me. But then when I look at the politicians this segment of the party elects…I’m now done digressing.

Jonathan Capehart put it best:

For those of you who would push back by saying we’re overreacting, that the Confederate flag is nothing more than a symbol of regional pride, save it. That flag you revere so much is no better than a Swastika, a threatening symbol of hate that has no place in American political discourse.Maybe folks could see this if they weren’t blinded by hate. (Source: Washington Post)

In actuality, racists are cowardice assholes filled with low self-esteem who are seeking to overcompensate their internal inferiority by demeaning an entire group of people…just because. It’s really the most nonsensical response one could have. But since when have cowards been good decision makers.