I’ve been regularly watching Coming to America with Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall since I was 7 years old. It is undoubtedly one of the greatest comedies of all time. However, it wasn’t until last summer when I came across the movie playing on TVLand that I realized it was also a love story that revealed many truths about love.

In between the comedic lines that have kept us laughing for 25 years (can you believe the movie is that old?) are simple, yet often forgotten, truths about love. Below are some of my favorites.


“It is normal to feel anxiety about meeting your queen.” –King Jaffe Joffer

Feeling anxious or nervous about love is normal. When you are in love, it is one of the few times you are completely vulnerable–emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritual. And while you should be wise, don’t let cold feet keep you from true love. Trust the character of the person you’ve chosen to love. People show us who they are early on, and when they do, believe them. Once someone proofs themselves worthy of your love, prayerfully fall into the comfort of that love. And if they show you early on that they are not someone you should trust with your heart, RUN LIKE HELL!!!


“There is a very fine line between love and nausea.” –King Jaffe Joffer

We often hear that love is blind, but in reality it shouldn’t be. Love sees all, yet chooses to love, and when necessary, it chooses to forgive. When you become a fool for love and choose to love blindly, you cross that fine line and enter into the territory of nausea. At this point, you are sick and need medication. Don’t settle for nausea. Love healthy.


“When I marry, I want the woman to love me for who I am, not because of what I am. –Prince Akeem

Marriage is designed to be forever, and during forever, status and position are certain to evolve; however, the values, morals and character of an individual more than likely won’t change. So when choosing a spouse make sure you know who they are as a person.
Likewise, you must know who you are before someone can love you for who you are. Too many people are falling in love with characters because the person they love has no clue who they truly are. How can you expect “til death do us part” when the person you’re in a relationship with doesn’t know who he or she is?


“Only dogs are to obey. If you truly love your wife, you will value her opinion.” –Prince Akeem

Does anything really need to be added to this quote? Women are not mindless pets who simply look pretty while blindly following their husband and doing what they’re told. Porsha, baby, you deserve better than Kordell. Keep you chin up, girl.


“Because I wanted you to love me for who I am.” –Prince Akeem

“I’m not sure who you are.” Lisa McDowell

Transparency is key. Lies and manipulation, even with good intentions, erodes trusts and makes it more difficult to be in love. Be honest. Be open. Be sincere.