Update [12:33pm]: Man, bump references to Beyonce ripping out her earpiece like a thug. I just found out she was lip syncing. It’s irrelevant now. *pouts*

Yesterday, the nation watched as President Barack Obama was inaugurated to his second term as President of the United States of America. This 57th Inauguration was a particular special one, as the nation celebrated the second term of its first Black president on Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. I try to include reverend in front of Dr. King’s name because while he was an amazing activist and civil rights leader, people forget he was a pastor, a man of God, a modern-day prophet, a Moses who spoke with God and lead his people out of Egypt’s slavery.

Watching Obama inaugurated on MLK Day felt like the manifestation of the dream King shared from DC years ago.

And while Obama acknowledge the work that was done in the past, particularly at Selma, Seneca Falls and Stonewall, he also recognized that we still have work to do to ensure that ethnic “minorities,” women and the LGBTQ community are treated equally in a nation that promises “liberty and justice for all.'”


I love that Obama did what so many of us fail to do. He lived in the moment. The “swag” (for lack of a better word) he exuded illustrated that he was present and confident in the position he has been given. And as he was leaving, he took the time to look back, savor and enjoy the moment, saying I’ll never have this opportunity again. LOVE HIM! This definitely inspired me to stop moving through life so quickly and simply enjoy the moment I’m in.

And while Obama’s inaugural address was amazing, the star power was pretty awesome as well. Bill Clinton was pretty excited about Kelly Clarkson’s performance. Who needs Mitt’s binder full of women when you’re sitting behind Kelly Clarkson?

In case you missed it, Bill, Kelly’s performance was just as amazing. LOL


The hip hop community was ecstatic to see the Carters in the place. And they looked GREAT!!!

And of course Queen Bey kilt the National Anthem. I was completely here for her ripping the earpiece out and still hitting every note!


Personally, the kids were my favorite. Malia and Sasha are everything. They’ve grown so much over the last four years.

And it was great to see that they are just normal kids, doing what teens (and pre-teens) do.


With that said, Sasha is so not impressed with the pomp and circumstance. You can miss her with all the formal bull. lol


The first dance was perfection. Jennifer Hudson sounded great (although she looked SUPER thin) and of course Michelle looked gorgeous.


But then Alicia Keys showed up…

What was she thinking? “OBAMA’S ON FIRE”!?!??! This was hilarious to me. Ryan Cameron said it best: Were her and Swizz Beatz drunk? On fire is only good for the CDC announcing the newest strain of gonorrhea.

Seriously, Alicia should’ve saved this “Girl on Fire” catastrophe for the Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire.