You probably already know I’m a fan of monogamy and happily ever after, but not everyone is. In an environment where over 50% of marriages result in divorce, many find themselves questioning whether monogamy is a viable relationship option. The Death of Monogamy, a new webseries written and directed by Mike Mose, tackles these issues head on as it delves into the psyche of young, Black singles and explores the coveted social norm of monogamy while dissecting the frowned-upon notion of infidelity. Viewers gain relationship revelations through the lives of six young, Black characters.

Jasmine, a beautiful, mid-twenties female, expresses her disdain for the notion of monogamy and is proud of herself for having multiple partners.  Her trusty side-kick, Brittany, discusses the pros and cons of being in an open relationship with her current boyfriend, while Ashley, an all too-trusting, mid-twenties female, still maintains the visions of grandeur associated with a totally committed relationship rooted in fidelity. Unfortunately, she also constantly experiences the shorter end of the stick in these relationships.

In dealing with the male perspective, Dennis and CJ both agree that having multiple partners is nature’s intent for the existence of man and often taunt their non-philandering friend, Calvin, who has deeply-intertwined religious beliefs about monogamy and chooses to follow a different path in his relationships.  His naivety amuses Dennis and CJ as they try to teach him “The Man Law of Relationships.”

Below is the first episode of The Death of Monogamy. Can you identify with any of the characters?