One of the things that bothered me most as a high school educator was the massive number of students who weren’t prepared for college. And I don’t mean just academically. Many students, even high academic achievers, are completely ignorant of the college admission process and are blindsided by the responsibilities that fall upon them. While some people would automatically blame the students for this shortcoming, I don’t always fault them.

I’ve been witness to an educational system that is so overwhelmed with other duties that it can’t properly perform its primary duty — preparing kids for success after high school. I won’t bore you with my thoughts on education reform. I will only say this problem weighed heavily in my decision to quit teaching two years ago and found DRIVEN Youth, Inc., a non-profit designed to ensure all students leave high school college-ready. (Stay tuned. Cameron is planning a fundraiser for DRIVEN Youth in the coming weeks. I love my baby! :-))

I’m always excited when other people take an vested interest in preparing young people for college. So I was excited to hear about TV One’s Guide to Higher Learning and ecstatic when I was invited to participate in their video series.

Below I have embedded the videos that include me. Many of them will also include my co-worker, Joyce!

I really hope you pass these resources along. I mean, seriously, what’s the point in getting our kids through high school if they’re not prepared for what’s next?