This weekend, I got a chance to do something out of the ordinary — I attended a wedding.

My cousin Charmaine married Jonathan and they had an absolutely GORGEOUS day.

I loved the bridesmaid dresses. They were stylish and simplistic. And the dresses actually met the standard that all brides aim for, but few achieve. They can actually be worn AGAIN!!!

I also loved the idea of an early wedding that served brunch and mimosas (and those mimosas were made RIGHT!!!). I’d never attended a wedding before noon, but I think I fell in love with the concept this weekend.

I also loved that the day was about them and merging of their lives, families and cultures. As tokens for their guest, they shared a cute recipe that blended southern culture with Grenadian culture. Unfortunately, I can’t locate it right now, so just pretend you see it below. Thanks! πŸ˜‰

The biggest lesson that I learned from this wedding is to keep it simple. All too often we go to weddings that feel completely over the top. And from talking to the folks who plan those weddings, they end up stressed during the planning AND during the wedding service. Not the dream day that any bride fantasizes about. This wedding didn’t feel over the top or stressful. The wedding and reception were both beautiful and simple, and everyone was relaxed and enjoying themselves. As I plan my big day I’m going to keep this in mind. I don’t want my day to be a huge production that I’m forced to executive produce and direct. I want it to be a simple ceremony that joins my husband and I together in front of our family and friends. Congratulations Charmaine and Jonathan! May your union bring you a lifetime of peace, joy and great memories! So glad Cameron and I could be a part of your day!


My cousins, Wynton and Ashley. I stole the great horse and carriage picture from Ashley! πŸ™‚