Guess who’s gracing the pages of Ebony Magazine. Yep, moi! You can find little ol’ me, along with five other gorgeous and intelligent ladies, on page 136 of the October issue of Ebony. Gabrielle Union is on the cover. What are we talking about? You guessed it…men, dating, relationships and all that jazz.

I won’t spill all the tea on our conversation (you’ll have to pick up the article for the details), but I will say we had a great time discussing all aspects of relationships and dating. I walked away pleasantly surprised that six strangers ranging in age from 27 to 43 could all have very similar needs and desires when it comes to relationships. It left me thinking,maybe women aren’t that complex. Maybe relationships aren’t that complicated. Maybe women’s struggle in relationships is learning to genuinely love themselves and avoid playing games with men who can’t love and respect them.

One of my quotes that didn’t make the final draft of the article dealt with purpose. From memory, it was:

I serve a purposeful God, and if God is purposeful in every other area of my life, then He has to be purposeful in my dating life as well. And since He’s purposeful in my dating life, there’s no need for me to throw everything and the kitchen sink at the wall to see what sticks, or in this case, date everyone who’s halfway acceptable to see who stays around.

I think this is important for us all to remember as we “struggle” (I use that word sarcastically) through these dating streets. We have to continue to be purposeful and prayerful of the people we allow in our lives even as especially as we desire to marry.

I would wish all of my single folks good luck, but who needs luck when they’re serving a purposeful God. He is in control.

Hope you enjoy the article — October 2012 issue of Ebony page 136. 🙂 And stay tuned. There just may be more to come. 😉