This week’s Bedside Baptist message is “The Separation of Church and Hate” brought to you by Andy Stanley of North Point Ministries. Here are some quotables I was able to pull from the message.

Neither Jesus nor Paul positioned themselves against everything in culture, or even against the Roman empire. In fact, the only thing those two guys were consistently against were the people on the religious side of the aisle who were against everything.

Our stance as a denomination, as church, looked kinda like this: become like us and then you can join us.  While you’re embracing these sinful lifestyle or these bad habits or supporting candidates that don’t agree with us you stay over there, but once you become like us, then you can join us. For those of you who know the new testament, who does that sound like? Pharisees. It doesn’t sound like the apostle Paul. It doesn’t sound like Jesus.

Let your conversations be always full of grace…but what about law? Hang on! But what about righteousness? Hang on! But what about taking back America? Hang on!!!

Enjoy the video clips below. For the complete message, click here.