I hate the divisive nature of politics. Our rhetoric has far surpassed emotionalism. It’s become dangerous and misleading. Instead of looking at all individuals as human beings and treating all America citizens as people deserving of the “American dream,” we are consistently dividing people into categories that suit our personal political agendas. Instead of being Americans, we are liberals and conservatives, poor and rich, Christian and secular humanist, employers and unemployed, etc., etc., etc. When we pit individuals against each other in this manner, we create an environment where compromise is impossible and people are fighting for self-respect and dignity instead of policy and agendas.

We, as Americans (both liberals, conservative and all in between) are losing. We are destroying this country one soundbite at a time, and we don’t even realize it because we’re too busy arguing about chains and birth certificates. Give me a break! My favorite political commentator (and the most honest in my opinion) speaks on our divisive and inflammatory rhetoric below. Enjoy!