To understand this story, you must first hear the lyrics to the song.

Sidenote: I pulled this video off YouTube; therefore, I did not add the copyright notice at the end of the video. However, I did find it amusing that whoever did thought it was possible to copyright music he/she doesn’t own. But that’s neither here nor there.
Now that you’ve heard the words, I’m sure you can understand why a pastor would be upset. However, I wasn’t expecting things to go like this. Click the picture to hear the interview.

Whoa! I was disturbed and overwhelmed after hearing the interview. I was also at a lost for words. Then came @ProfezzorX to explain things perfectly. If you have trouble viewing the slideshow below (It acts up on certain browsers and mobile devices. Sorry.), click here.

15 Quick Points to Recognize in the Meek Mill & Pastor Johnson Discussion

In the midst of the Meek Mill & Pastor Johnson "Amen" discussion, @ProfezzorX highlighted 15 imperative points we all should keep in mind. They’re brief and to the point. Check them out below.

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Listening to Meek Mills debate a Philly pastor who’s is organizing a radio boycott of his music b/c of his single, "Amen." Interesting.Kia
Meek Mill Responds To Pastor: "Don’t Judge Me, You Don’t Know Me" [Audio]Meek Mill responds to Pastor Jomo Johnson’s interview with Q Deezy. Meek calls The Q Deezy Show to clear his name and let the world…
1. Bible says if you have an ought with a person you go to themXavier Brandon
2. Bible says if that doesn’t work you bring 2-3 more witnessesXavier Brandon
3. Bible says if that doesn’t work you go to the churchXavier Brandon
4. If you bring up a claim and you are taking the defense of the Christ then 1 have your facts straight and 2 BE LIKE CHRISTXavier Brandon
5. If a person doesn’t believe in the God you serve then spitting condemning scriptures to them isn’t going to workXavier Brandon
6. The word of God does have the power to transform the lives of people but it is the intent of the one delivering it which is importantXavier Brandon
7. God came to set the captives free not keep them in captivityXavier Brandon
8. I’m not saying that Meek was right or wrong but there is a higher responsibility for the one that professes the Christ that has to be metXavier Brandon
9. If a person doesn’t see the fruit of your work they aren’t going to believe so your approach has to be adaptedXavier Brandon
10. Yes God came that we might have life and gave His Son so that we won’t perish but make that easy for the listener to grasp.Xavier Brandon
11. Nowhere in the song does Meek blaspheme the Christ. He has a few play on words (which i’m not defending at all) but he doesn’t come @ JCXavier Brandon
12. Would i have wanted Meek to come up with a catchier way of doing the song besides the "holy ghost" reference and church and preach #sureXavier Brandon
13. But as a believer my job is to pray, proclaim the good news and make disciples. I don’t need to defend Jesus cuz He’s Jesus He made ME!Xavier Brandon
"I don’t need to defend Jesus!!!" #LoveThis @ProfezzorXKia
14. I do pray the Meek finds the love of Christ or that someone shows Him that love not everytime Christ is brought up someone comes @ himXavier Brandon
15. #JesusGoesHard #amenXavier Brandon
Now that I’ve retweeted @ProfezzorX’s entire TL I don’t have to blog about it. :-)Kia
I feel like @profezzorx is right on with his argument abt the meek situation. Good RT @kiaspeaksAmeezy


I think there’s a lot to be learned from this interaction. I also think we walk away with a lot to pray about. #Church

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