In case you missed it, Drake and Chris Brown’s ongoing beef exploded last night, and Twitter captured it all! Having trouble viewing the slideshow below? Click here.

The War of the Waffle Colored Negroes

Early Thursday morning, Drake & Chris Brown met in an NYC nightclub. An altercation ensued. Read the Twitter report below.

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In What the Hell News…

I did not plan to wake up to this this AM. Sigh. @Elusive_A get your girls. And by girls I mean Chris and Drake.Kia
Hip-Hop Rumor: Drake & Meek Mills’ Crews Launch Bottles At Chris Brown! | AllHipHop.comIt totally went down last night in New York, according to reports. Meek Mill and Drake were beefing with Chris Brown in the club in New Y…
X_X!!! RT @Cajun_peach: Two women got into a fight no big deal. RT @CJStarchild: Do I even wanna know what’s going on?The Great Khaki
So these two light brights were fighting in the club?!The Great Khaki

Then pictures from the scene were released…

“@AsiaBrown “@toppdogg93 Pic of Drake & Chris Brown fighting”Pink Pistol Shawty ღ

Then witnesses recounted how it all went down…

Lmbo Charlamagne is a fool RT @Just_JoeyB: He said Chris Brown challenged Drake to a crump dancing match loliRai 
Lol RT @carlos2316: They said Chris Brown’s crew was chanting "who’s bad? Who’s bad? Who’s bad? They telling me……u doing wrong!"Raphael Delaghetto
@kiaspeaks the funny thing is the breakfast club said that he stood behind his security guards to throw the bottle. Bwahahaha!!Ashley
Talkin trash behind your security guard …smh take a seatiRai 
RT @cthagod: Drake Lozada throwing bottles of Moscata….Dwayne
!!!!!! RT @Ashley_S_W: lolol at Drake Lozada.Kia
I can see Drake taking off his shoes and running across the table with a bottle in hand. @Ashley_S_WKia
#FairSkinStruggle RT @S_dot_baby42: @TheColdPhoenix @drake musta went to the @EvelynLozada school of fighting… Ol ponk assTheColdPhoenix
All I can imagine is Drake untying that cardigan from around his neck.. Handing it to Meek.. Picking up the moscato & underhand tossing
Negative lol RT @Just_JoeyB: So he did fire on Chris 1st before he threw the bottle right?iRai 
@kiaspeaks I just refuse to believe my cousin Aubrey threw a bottle at Chris’ crazy ass. No, ma’am. I need to see some receipts.Alize Obama
Lmmfaooo RT @OBEYjosh_: Who said @Drake threw a bottle of Canada Dry at @ChrisBrown’s chin?! :(Hiei Jaganshi

That Canada Dry bottle cuts deep though…

Awwww the bottle hit Chris?! RT @kiaspeaks: @Elusive_A your receipt
I hope Chris Brown know his hair ain’t gon grow back in his beard where he took that bottle to the chin…B.Sharp
Yes she did RT @AkeemToure: Wait… Drake threw a bottle at Chris Brown in a club last night?Troy Story
Nigga drake threw that bottle at chris then threw his hands up an said "real nigga what’s up" b4 he went to the bathroomBruce Leroy
RT @fivefifths: I woulda dipped too. Chris Brown be using them Nightcrawler fight tactics and I ain’t got time for thatTone

Never Forget…


Crazy is sexy, huh?


It’s still crazy doe…

Best part of this situation is that Chris Brown didn’t name no names and he didn’t run to the police.Charlamagne Tha God

Bet that made Tami happy…


Then someone from Drake’s crew spoke publicly…

And that Meek tweet is just the cherry on the sundae. My goodness.The Great Khaki
It wasn’t me…. (shaggy voice) lolMeek Mill
Meek Mill siting back laughing at his dumb friends like ShaunieB.Sharp
How ironic is it that his name is Meek Mills?The Godmotha

And just like on the First 48, he talked too much and revealed the motive…

Meek Mills said it best —> RT @MsKeriBradshaw: @kiaspeaks @CJStarchild

Speaking of Rihanna…

RT @CJStarchild: Rihanna must got some mean nahmean to make jokers lose religions.Kia
RT @StilettoJill: wait so Drake really threw a bottle at Chris Brown??? @Rihanna got that medicinal! These dudes are ODAshley
That #Rhussy though must be ✨�������������� ��������
Rihanna’s Box > Pandora’s BoxScoop
Rihanna = Magical Fairy VaginaTone
I told yall Rhianna is Hip Hop/R&B’s Helen of Troy.Patty Mayonnaise

Helen’s goodies started a war in case you didn’t know…

Lol Rihanna staying off Twitter. She’s usually tweeting away..Lyric
i also imagine, while these cats fight over rihanna, she and some dude they MIGHT know are in bed laughing about it.Bomani Jones
to the 4th power RT @iRejectSlimHoes: Times 10 “@Rob_told_ya: Kim k RT @HitRellCell: Who’s More Wifable? Kim K or Rihanna”TheColdPhoenix
Kim K is a classy heauxTheColdPhoenix



She did make it on Oprah though…
Rih Rih and Kim K can prolly smang but their appeal is that they are celebrities that dudes think they can changeScoop

The talk continued. . .

I cannot! RT @KidFury: This is why Drake and Trey Songz need to get back together.Whitney.Rachelle
At least Chris Brown isn’t fighting women anymore. That’s actually a step up. (GET IT? STEP UP! CAUSE HE DANCES! Damn I’m funny)Feela Booti
�������� RT @CJStarchild: *OTIS YELL* RT @TheWurdsmith Drake & Chris Brown did WHAT?!? Bet money their periods were synchronized.Kia
RT @JoeBriggsEsq: Seen on my TL "But will this get Jimmy suspended from the DeGrassi High Glee Club!?! They have Sectionals soon!" #ChillTone
Rihanna still ain’t have no song glorifying her stuff like Amber Rose has though.Reese
B/c they’re 2busy street fighting over it RT @PBnJ_AllDay: Rihanna still ain’t have no song glorifying her stuff like Amber Rose has though.Kia
@kiaspeaks just like in West Side story.Reese
rihana is sookie stackhouse and chris and drake are bill and eric i seen this alreadydıpןo
Oh yea!!! RT @QuanhatesU @CJStarchild Sam Cooke brothers and Bobby Womack >The Great Khaki
Sam Cooke’s brothers beat Bobby Womack DOWN! Dirty macking unfortunately does have its consequences.The Great Khaki
J.J. ain’t get shot by Mad Dog and Satan’s Knights for potato bread skinned cats to be fighting over a broad…Mr. ManSitChoAzzDown
When did R&B and Hip-Hop start beefin tho? RT @KeepItGangster7: Damn it’s more Hip-Hop Beef today than at the Source awards!Alex Haynes
RT @KellenDaniel: I just want Chris Brown, Drake, and Meek Mill to have a triple threat match with Matt Kemp as the special guest ref.TheColdPhoenix
Mill ain’t gon fight. He’s just gon laugh at dem niggas and pin one after they beat each other upTheColdPhoenix

Matt is Rihanna’s other ex -_-


He’s a cutie. RiRi has good taste.


My favorite commentary  came from Roscoe Dash. . .

I’m really hoping all this bs abt @Drake & @Meekmill and the homie @Chrisbrown is false Smfh!!Roscoe Dash 2.0
All imma say is jumping niggas and swinging bottles over a woman who doesn’t belong to ANYBODY!!! Aynt gangsta at all!.. no points givenRoscoe Dash 2.0
This from a nigga that wear mohawks & glitter RT @Roscoedash: All imma say is jumping niggas and swinging bottles Aynt gangsta at all!Fat SayJack
I gotta say Lost alota respect for @drake & @meekmill out of all the niggas who Dnt like yall y’all chose to retaliate against @chrisbrownRoscoe Dash 2.0
Just voicing my opinion there’s wayyy more important shit to start fight abt than features and women #thatisallRoscoe Dash 2.0
@Roscoedash you gotta chill b4 you b tweeting my name in some shit i wasn’t even really in! Stay in ya lane!Meek Mill
@MeekMill lmao there aynt no lanes on this BIG ass hwy my brother but like I said I’m just voicing my opinionRoscoe Dash 2.0
Now everybody’s mad too bad idgaf but for the record I Dnt have a prob with @drake or @meekmill I just can’t support sucka shit…Roscoe Dash 2.0
Niggas Must have 4got I HAVE HIT RECORDS!! a couple of em & 7 top 40s I Dnt have to say ANYTHING at all I Dnt piggyback I’m the ring leader!Roscoe Dash 2.0
I seriously hope Meek Mill and Roscoe Dash wouldn’t beef tho…. Meek Mill sounds like he slobs in his sleep and Roscoe Dash just zzzzzzzzzzBLAME SOC

And then came the “light skin” slander. . .

Master’s sons ain’t getting no love on my TL this AM. Has their reign ended b/c Drake and Breezy watched one too many episodes of BBW?Kia
I guess this Drake vs Chris Brown mess proves that lightskinneded ninjas can beef about things other than texturizerVery Smart Brothas
Bwahahaha RT @mslovejones: Drake THROWS a bottle at Chris Brown? Yeah is over for you light-skinned brothers lol!Kia
I hate yall fair skin people bruh RT @y3lla: LEMME THROW A BOTTLE AT UTheColdPhoenix
The war of the waffles mix lmboiRai 
<<– waffle colored…. *shrugs* ….and what ?! LoliRai 
Drake vs Common …. Diggy vs J Cole .. now Drake vs Chris Brown. There’s a lot of tension in the soft and tender light skinned community Kc
lmao RT @SweetSting_: Light skin on light skin violence has to stop. THEY already talk about us bad enough. Smh.TheColdPhoenix
Everyone thinks light skinned dudes are their own fraternity. I mean the Illuminati does mean the enLIGHTened ones. LMAOScoop

Then actual news reports came out…

Chris Brown, Drake Ignite Bar Brawl: SourcesPolice are investigating a bar brawl that erupted after a dispute between Chris Brown and Drake early Thursday at a Manhattan nightclub, …
In other news: NYPD probes bar brawl involving Drake and Chris Brown via @reliablesourceThe Washington Post

And journalism at its best emerged…

“@KamRenee: Nooooo!!! Lmbo @benryhailey’s photo” it just too much…lolHenry Bailey

But it got serious…

Chris sent the bottle as a peace offering. Drake sends a note that says I’m still sleeping with your ex. They have a discussion. +Kia
Drake’s security pulls off their shirts. Some random throws ice. Bottles are tossed. Chris security hit in the head. 5 innocents injured.SMHKia

And the cops got involved…


Bet that pissed Tami off…


But seriously folks were hurt for real…

Chris Brown’s Bodyguard got his head split during the bottle throwing. This is def not funny. Where’s Al Sharpton? Bitchie
man, that security guard really got his head busted wide open.Agent England
JUST IN: GRAPHIC photo of Chris Brown’s bodyguard after the fight >> Grind

The saddest is this tourist’s story…

RT: @TMZ: Chris Brown Fight — Flying Bottle Cracks Innocent Girl’s Head OPEN [Photos] — lawd!Asia ™ آسيا
More GRAPHIC photos of bystanders injured during the Chris Brown and Drake altercation >> Grind
Here comes the lawyer talk now that reality has set in.
Wow! A 24 yr old female tourist got CRACKED in the skull during the Chris Brown /Drake fight! Can u spell LAWSUIT! I’m goin in on the radio!King DeDe McGuire
if i got hit in the face w.a bottle b/c chris brown, drake &meek mill were fighting. best believe i’m getting paid. cut the damn check!Asia ™ آسيا

Then the back peddling began…

Rep For Drake Denies Rapper’s Involvement In Club Melee #AllHipHopallhiphopcom
Me and @MeekMill ain’t on that bullshit. Real respect Real….Chris Brown
WEEEEEELPPPP! RT @chrisbrown: Me and @MeekMill ain’t on that bullshit. Real respect Real….Lana Del Gey
Ball’s in your court, sis. @DrakeLana Del Gey
Let me take another twitter break b/c ….. Um.. Nevermind.. RT @chrisbrown: Me and @MeekMill ain’t on that bullshit. Real respect Real… Sources Say Meek Mill Hit Chris Brown With Bottle XXLNewsXXL Magazine

And the lessons in this all…

I understand defending your woman’s honor & all, but the number of violent incidents that women are causing between grown men is ridiculousE.M.E
Note: the things you all hear going on with these rappers, singers & entertainers, Is not beef. They are disagreements.DJ CLARK KENT



Things to consider:

1) Breezy was trying to be the bigger person. I hope he doesn’t backslide.

2) Fighting over a broad? Come on. Three people are dead in Auburn over a girl. Guys, it’s never worth it.

3) Who would’ve thunk Drake and Chris would be this generations Pac and Biggie and Twitter would be  the Vibe cover that instigated it all?  Tread lightly before someone gets hurt.

4) I told y’all Chris and RiRi couldn’t handle each other.