Auntie O was preaching!

When I was a 19-year-old freshman at Spelman College, one of my friends told me I was going to be the hip-hop Oprah. I took that statement to heart. Oprah was doing what God had placed in my heart to do, she was empowering people to live their best life ever. Because I’m a firm believer in NOT reinventing the wheel, I watched her. I studied her. Oprah unknowingly became my mentor. So when Auntie O showed up at my alma mater, I felt like my life was coming full circle. Not only did I have the opportunity to sit in the audience as she addressed the graduating class of 2012 at commencement, but I also had the pleasure of gleaning from her during her two-hour conversation with Spelman President Beverly Daniel Tatum. To say I walked away full, empowered and more determined to change the world would be an understatement.

When I left Oprah’s presence one thing became clear to me. There’s nothing uniquely special about Auntie O. She’s just learned to do what so many of us fail to do in the busyness of life. She has learned to get quiet and connect with her Source. This connection has taught her to love herself completely and unconditionally; this connection has empowered her with the strength to overcome life’s trials; and this connection has enabled her to live her life’s purpose, guided her down the path of immense wealth and blessing, and ensured that she has blessed numerous others throughout life’s journey. The secret to Oprah’s success is her direct connection with the divine; a connection available to us all if we’d only be still and embrace it.

I’m going to do what I can to recreate my Oprah experience so you can be just as empowered as I was. Below you will find video of Oprah’s Commencement Address at Spelman, named one of the best of 2012 by ABC News. All I can say is she was Oprah, and everyone was empowered. Finally, you will find Spelman College’s Storify story of Dr. Tatum’s conversation with Ms. Winfrey. The nuggets of wisdom there are innumerable. Powerful! Enjoy!

This blog is named “My Dialogue with Oprah” for a reason. Yes, I talked back to her. She just didn’t hear me from the audience. Stop judging me and get empowered. 😛