I promise I won’t beleaguer this issue until November. It’s just been frustrating to see (as Sarah Palin calls them) the mainstream media parade one angry black minister after another out as they declare they can no longer support the President since he has voiced his support of same-sex marriages. I’m not claiming that these pastors don’t exist. I’m not even attempting to say they shouldn’t be concerned (based on their religious beliefs); however, I know plenty of black pastors who are not redrawing their support from the president based on this lone issue, and the media doesn’t appear to be talking to them. I also know the media doesn’t appear to have any interest in talking to ministers of other ethnicities on this issue. This all feels like manufactured story designed to illustrate the fact that President Obama has managed to divide the homogeneously thinking black community (Note the sarcasm in the italicized part. Surprise people! Black folks don’t all think alike, but that there is another blog.).

Whatever your thoughts are on President Obama’s announcement, I want to remind you that this is not the only, or the largest, issue we are dealing with during this upcoming election. I was going to write a long blog comparing Obama’s perspective on issues to Mitt Romney’s, but thanks to my Facebook and Twitter peeps, I don’t have to.

The Rev. Dr. Otis Moss, III, wrote a beautifully worded letter to one of his pastor friends who wasn’t planning on voting for Obama because of his announcement. It really puts into light the importance of this upcoming election.

And if that doesn’t convince you of the urgency of this election, check out this Facebook post from my friend, Christian.

 The Tea Party is not playing with you. Your vision of America is not theirs and they do not care. Rather than negotiate democracy, they’re writing laws in states from one end of the country to the other—disenfranchising millions and criminalizing millions more. The Tea Party is not playing with you. And they’ve said plainly what they intend to do if given a chance: eliminate fair pay laws; eliminate minimum wage laws; eliminate food safety regulations; eliminate consumer financial protections; outlaw all forms of abortion and many forms of prenatal care; rescind healthcare for millions; demolish public housing; rollback affordable housing statutes; let private corporations do to America’s schools what they’ve already done to our prisons; flood our streets with guns; gut government employees’ pensions; and take an electric hacksaw to the social safety net. The Tea Party is not playing with you. Married? They don’t think you should have sex. Three people on the Supreme Court stood between a state’s right to criminalize gay sex and send the police into your bedroom to haul you away and lock you up. Two of them are gone. Justice Stevens was replaced by Elena Kagan. But Justice O’Connor was replaced by Samuel Alito. One more to join him, Roberts, Scalia and Thomas is all they need. The Tea Party is not playing with you. And even if you think you agree with them on Jesus, I promise you don’t agree with them on the status of your black skin and what that should mean for your place in the world. The Tea Party is not playing with you. But you’re playing. With your cute Facebook statuses and your bullshit. Let Barack Obama not win. When the Tea Party gets through with us, it’ll take three Democratic presidents, a generation of Democratic Congresses, and more movements and marching than many of us seem to have the stomach for to get the United States back to where he would have left it. I don’t know what it’s going to take for some of you to wake up, but I hope it happens soon.


Like I said last week, I’m not trying to get anyone to vote against their religious beliefs, but I definitely want you to understand the entire situation before you make a mistake that will cost us all for generations to come.