There’s a lot of talk about love in and outside of the church; however, how many of us really know how to love God’s way? I am committing myself to learn how to love God’s way–not the world’s way, not the church’s way, but God’s way! Who’s with me?

The first step to learning to love God’s way is determining what God’s Word says about His love. So as I initiate this journey, I’m commencing it with a Bible study of 1 John 4:6-21. Each day, I’m going to spend time reading, learning, digesting and applying the scriptures found here. For daily updates, be sure to check out I’m creating a Facebook photo album to document this study. Please feel free to comment and add insight gained from your personal study of this scripture and life experiences. You can also check this blog every Thursday for weekly updates and details on a prayer call.

I can’t tell you how long this will Bible study will last. I’m committed to continuing until I get this right and the application is visible in my life. I hope that you will accompany me on this journey. For your convenience, I’m providing an outline/tips on what I’m doing to ensure I’m studying properly.

1) Make an appointment. Set a specific time each day when your mind is clear and you can hear from God. I’m choosing the morning, before life has the opportunity to hit me and before I become distracted by all of the television shows I like to watch. Schedule this appointment just as you would a doctor, hair or waxing appointment. Keep it. Don’t let anything interfere with this meeting with God. Yes, it is just that important!

2) Pray. Before you attempt to read one word, pray. Ask God to speak to you through His Word. Ask the Holy Spirit guide you to God’s truth. Ask for clarity and understanding. So much of the Word gets lost when we are studying. Pray to ensure you are getting everything God will have to you get out of it.

3) Read…more than one translation if necessary. This will give you the same Word through different diction and help you understand exactly what God is saying.

4) Take notes. Do you have questions? Do particular words or phrases pop out to you? Does some real-life event or another book, message, or sermon come to mind? Write this down. Highlight. Underline. Scribble in the margins. Find a notebook. Do whatever you need to do to document your thoughts during your study time. This will help you understand and retain the Word, which will make it easier to apply throughout the day/your life.

5) Seek clarification. Unsure about something? Dig deeper! Pull out your concordance, commentaries, or other resources that will help make this clear. Don’t have these on hand? The Internet makes this easy. As I begin my study, I will be sure to share helpful resources via my Facebook page and this blog. Stay tuned.

6) Interpret. Write a summary of what the scripture means to you. How do you interpret what you’ve studied so far. Communicating meaning in your own words ensures that you have a firm understanding of what you’ve been studying, in this case, the Word of God.

7) Apply.Now that you’ve taken the time to learn all of this, it’s time to put it into practice. This is where your challenge will come in. satan doesn’t care too much about your studying God’s Word, even he knows scripture, but he doesn’t want you using it in your daily life. The power of God’s Word comes from applying it. Don’t be afraid. Just do it.

I’m kind of amped about this. And I’m depending on you to hold me accountable, so feel free to tweet me to make sure I’m keeping my word and studying hard.

Until next time,


Kia Speaks