In case you haven’t noticed, we are fighting of the soul of America. The morals, values and character of this country are all on a precipice and are extremely close to dissipating into extinction. And contrary to popular belief abortion and homosexual relationships are not the cause.

Before I go any further, let me make this statement: I am unapologetically Christian. I read the Bible. I study the Bible. I believe every word that it says. And my sole purpose in life is to emulate God’s Word, to walk it out, to live out the Word in my daily life.

Jesus gave us two directives, the greatest commandments of all: 1) love God and 2) love people. So why are we failing at both? How different would the world be if we decided we were going to truly love each other as Jesus commanded? How would the life of the young girl contemplating an abortion be different if we showed her unconditional love instead of disdain? How would our atheist neighbor’s view of Christians change if we extended love instead of damning him to hell in every exchange?

However, instead of extending love, we have chosen to extend legislation. How ironic is it that the political party who is constantly touting smaller government is simultaneously pushing government into my womb and my bedroom? I have a couple of issues with legislation of this sort:

1)      You can’t legislate piety and holiness. If you could, the 10 Commandments would’ve been enough.

2)      God intended us to live our Christian principles, not force them upon others. (See Mark 6:7-13)

3)      How many Christians would support a divorce amendment? Or a foul language amendment? Please respond; I’ll wait.

4)      Our founding fathers were attempting to avoid state religion. They witnessed how government leaders abused such powers for their benefits. Ponder that.

5)       God ALWAYS gave us a choice, so why are we concocting legislation that obstructs citizens’ choices, when said choices have no negative effects on others?

I’m done. Honestly, my head hurts from trying to wrap my head around the religious doctrine and the politics of these issues. In closing I’ll just say, I’m not encouraging anyone to vote against their beliefs. I am, however, encouraging folks to use their hearts. I’m so tired of and frustrated with self-righteous Christians who try to legislate piety, holiness and righteousness when they’re living like satan’s first cousin. I honestly don’t believe God is going to question us about our sins when we get to the other side. The Blood of Jesus has taken care of our sin; however, your love game will be questioned. And I don’t mean your love of friends and family, but your love of the poor, the widows, the homeless, the fatherless and the faithless. This question, I’m afraid, is going to have a whole bunch of “Christian” folks looking like this: