Joseph Curl of the Washington Times

Washington Times staff member Joseph Curl attempted to write a tribute to hip hop icon and humanitarian Adam “MCA” Yauch. Unfortunately, he went on a racial tinged tantrum instead, criticizing President Obama. The string of misrepresented facts can be found here if you care to endure them. After reading the article yesterday, it was engrossed upon me to address these five points.

1. Curl cited Wikipedia as a source. Any middle school stundet composing an essay can tell you Wikipedia is not a reliable source. So if 13 year old kids aren’t relying on the information stored on Wikipedia, why would a professional journalist who spent a decade covering the White House and politics do such? Seriously, Curl, you could have at least cited the source that Wiki used to get the information. Check the footnotes, sir! Even my laziest students have learned this trick.

2. For Curl to only name deceased Black celebrities for whom Obama has released statements on is disingenuous and reeks of him concocting racial motives that just don’t exist. In addition to releasing statements on Whitney Houston & Michael Jackson, President Obama has also release statements on Steve Jobs and Dick Clark in recent months. If I could compile this information from doing a basic Bing search of the White House’s website, I can only imagine the results a seasoned journalist at a major newspaper would be able to accrue…that is IF he was interested in writing anything that remotely resembled reality and truth.

3. Somehow amidst Curl’s obsession with President Obama’s race, ethnicity and familial background he failed to realize that Trayvon Martin would have looked like President Obama. Yes, President Obama is bi-racial; controversial to what Curl believes no one has forgotten Obama’s white mother who succumbed to cancer (like the artist Curl was attempting to eulogy throughout his racist rant), nor have we forgotten the white grandmother who helped raised him and unfortunately passed away days before her grandson was elected president of the United States of America. However, we also do not ignore the fact that President Obama’s two daughters look as much like little black girls as any black child with no traceable European blood flowing through their veins. So I’m sorry to inform you, but Obama’s son would’ve looked like Trayvon Martin, from the smooth caramel skin to the round head and button nose. But I guess that makes Curl uncomfortable, huh?

4. For Curl to infuse what is suppose to be a tribute to a great man, a talented musician, a humanitarian and a hip hop legend with politicized and racist rhetoric is both disgusting and unacceptable. How dare he call himself a fan? I’m sure MCA is just as disgusted with Curl’s impure motives as the rest of us logical people are.

5. For the Washington Times to publish such factual misleading information under the veil of an opinion piece and think they wouldn’t be called to the carpet is disappointing to say the least. It illustrates that, as an organization, they are more concerned with clicks and views than maintaining any type of journalistic standard. Why don’t the Washington Times and Curl join Beyonce in line to receive their journalism awards. Because those who take the craft seriously are undoubtedly cringing right now.

Joseph Curl covered the White House and politics for a decade for The Washington Times. You should drop him an email at