What would you do if you weren’t afraid of failure? Humiliation? Rejection? Six years ago I was listening to the Steve Harvey Radio Show and he proposed a similar question to his listeners: what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? I remember that question jolting my spirit. God had been directing me to do so many things; however, I was hesitating doing most of them because I was afraid of failing. God wouldn’t direct me down a road only to lead me into failure and humiliation, so why was I afraid?

Fast forward six years to today. I’ve made some progress. God has definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone into an uncomfortable place where I’m forced to rely solely on Him for survival, but I would be lying if I were to say that I have been completely obedient or I am living fearlessly. That changes today.

Today, I am fully and unapologetically embracing fearless living! I’m not talking the reckless YOLO lifestyle. I’m talking completely trusting Him and confronting every challenge and obstacle head-on sans fear. I’m talking trusting Him when His direction makes no sense. I’m talking obeying His direction completely and immediately.

When I look back at the instruction God has given me over the past six years, I’m proud to say I’ve followed a large majority of His direction. However, there are plenty of things on God’s to-do list for my life left unchecked. This week God whispered to me, “Yeah, you’ve done a lot, but you haven’t done it all. My promises to you are dependent on your complete and immediate obedience.” As you can imagine, I had plenty of apologizing to do, followed by recommitting my life to living fearlessly for God’s purpose. I promised God that I was in: all or nothing.

Today, I challenge you to embrace fearless living with me. There is no failure. You simply must decide to do what God has put in you! He called you for a reason. What are you afraid of?