The biggest mistake we as Christians make is believing that since God sent us, everyone will accept us. That is a lie from hell that has absolutely no biblical standing. Noah was a God-sent with the purpose of preserving life from the coming flood. Unfortunately, everyone thought he was a fool and ignored his warnings. Moses was sent to deliver the Israelis from Egyptian slavery; however, he had to make his request to Pharaoh on numerous occasions before the Israelis were freed. And even after Moses lead them to freedom, the Israelis still had a difficult time trusting and following him. Joseph was anointed to save lives from an approaching famine, but even his family didn’t believe in the vision God had placed in him. So if these biblical legends couldn’t find acceptance even though they were called by God, what makes you think you are entitled to such privilege?

In Mark 6:7-11, Jesus prepared his disciples for this rejection. As he sent them out to minister to the world, he instructed them to simply walk away from those who rejected their message, to shake the dust from their feet as a sign they had abandoned their “rejectors” to their own fate and then continue moving forward. Our instructions for rejected ministry are simple, on to the next one.

Today, I realized that I had been spending more time and energy than I would like to admit seeking the approval of folks who I was never called to. I subconsciously wanted to be accepted by a crowd I was never supposed to be connected to. All the while, I was basically ignoring those who desired and were receiving the messages I carried.

When you are doing what God called you to do, it’s easy to get detoured by those who criticize and reject you. However, they are not your concern. Your focus should be solely on completing God’s purpose for your life. Whether your message is being received by five people or 5,000, your job is to be steadfast in your work. Don’t get distracted by the naysayers, whether their numbers are large are small. Stay focused. God didn’t call you for nothing. Your words, your actions, your life are powerful testimonies that will help others. Do you…unapologetically!