I wasn’t going to address this Chris Brown and Rihanna situation. I just didn’t see the point. But after Rihanna set the twitterverse ablaze last night, I decided I’d share five quick thoughts on Breezy and RiRi.

1.       I’m not concerned about Rihanna. I’m not saying this to be disrespectful, cold-hearted or insensitive. No woman deserves to be physically, mentally, emotionally or sexually abused…PERIOD!!! However, Rihanna is not a helpless victim. She has had the means, support and order of protection to walk away from the abusive relationship and not look back. She is making well-informed decisions about her situation. There are hundreds of women, thousands even, who are literally trapped in abusive relationships. They don’t have the finances or the family or court support to safely and effectively walk away and start over. Why are we trying so hard to save RiRi when she’s made it clear that she doesn’t want to be saved? Let her be. Pray her through. And if you want to fight for the cause, why not help your neighbor who truly does want out but can’t find the means or support to get out?

 2.       Chris and Rihanna both need help.  I’m a proponent of forgiveness and second chances. So if Rihanna can forgive and forget, kudos to her. However, what’s bothersome about Chris and Rihanna “reuniting” is the fact that neither appears to have grown much since Grammy night three years ago. Breezy has repeatedly shown that he is unable to control his temper. He’s gone from destroying dressing rooms and demolishing windows at ABC’s Good Morning, America to attacking tweeters and possibly violating probation by snatching a fan’s cell phone. Rihanna’s not much better. Plagued by rumors of drug and alcohol abuse, RiRi has repeatedly been photographed partying excessively, and she has a reputation for lashing out at fans and critics via Twitter. Overall, both Breezy and RiRi have proven that they are unable to handle criticism and stressful situations maturely, so how would they be capable of handling the hang ups that accompany a relationship as passionate and public as theirs?

 3.       I hate that people are being desensitized to domestic violence and violence against women because of this. Whether it is girls tweeting about how they would take a beating to be with Breezy or morning radio comedians laughing about all the “hits” Chris and Rihanna make when they’re in the studio together, women getting dragged has become the punch line of mainstream America. With so many of our sisters dying to exit abusive relationships, we can’t afford to devalue the seriousness and jeopardize our sisters’ lives.

 4.       Rihanna is no one’s role model and/or spokesperson. Quit trying to make Rihanna the spokesperson for the cause. That’s not who she is, nor is it who she’s ever wanted to be. Parents putting pressure on celebrities to be picture perfect role models is bull crap. If you teach your kids, live what you’re preaching and be your child’s first role model, you won’t need celebs to step up and do your job. As @mrldavis recently said, “These artists sign up to entertain us, not raise us.” So stop allowing them to raise your kids.

5.       Chris, Rihanna and Rita Ora are definitely Charlie Sheen #Winning. Whether they are back together or not, Chris and RiRi have pop culture by the balls, and it doesn’t appear that they will be letting go anytime soon. We are making them millions and don’t even realize. Even Roc Nation’s newest golden child, Rita Ora, is riding the coattails of Chris and Rihanna in order to get her name in the press. It always amazes me how blind the general public can be to the marketing plows of businesses and media. We are blind sheep being led where ever the good gossip is.

Let’s stop sensationalizing these kids lives. If you really want to help Chris and Rihanna, stop talking, stop criticizing and start praying.


You can enjoy a few hits from Chris and Rihanna before they were both drama queens below. I’ve also include the “Birthday Cake (remix)” because despite their toomfoolery, I like this song.