Whitney’s Homegoing in Tweets

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The program for our dear Whitney! http://twitpic.com/8ll5lcMarvet Britto
Jesus, I need a drink to watch this….its heavy….. Like someone u personally know past awayEast Side Kris
I’m happy they gave Whitney a traditional down home church funeral. It’s feels so much more genuine.S.
realizing that this funeral might be the first time folk have ever been exposed to "church" If it is His will, then let it be done.Carl Collins
this is Cissy’s way of saying, God has always been first in this family. The ways of the business hurt my baby. She goes home God’s wayrolandsmartin
"We gonna have church today"Photoman PG
"It is well with my soul!"Kia
Black folks have praised God do slavery, segregation, the Civil Rights Movement, poverty, etc. Our praises have nothing to do w/happiness.Kia
RT @kiaspeaks: "Broken hearts do not undermine the capacity to praise God."Krys Talley
@rolandsmartin you have to have come up in the Black Baptist Church to appreciate that Hammond organ in the background #WhitneyFuneralPerry B.
I may shed a tear……a gangsta one tho RT @smileyTld: @EastSideKris aww ur getting sad?? I’m in here like its Sunday service and jamminEast Side Kris
Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would go to the opening of a Doritos bag if the media were in attendance #whitneyhoustonWendy Bee
"She always kept gospel in her voice, even in her pop songs. The church in her never left." Terry Lewis @TLsoundoff on #Whitney on @BETJoyce E. Davis
WATCH: Newark mayor @CoryBooker’s words at Whitney Houston’s funeral. | http://bit.ly/zpObcFNBC New York
"We are here to mourn our loss but to celebrate her life. God is in heaven & with him is one of our angels, Whitney Houston." ~@CoryBookerTomekia Strickland
Is the Mayor of Newark married??? OK, headed to time out. I was just celebrating God for His creation.Tera C. Hodges
@kiaspeaks *looks up jobs in Newark*K.
If you have followed the Mayor of Newark, NJ as I have over his career as I have, you’d know he’s one of the best in the country #easyAnthony Thomas
RT @Kenn_uh_dee On day of Whitney Houston’s funeral, Newark gang leaders call for day of truce | http://NJ.com http://ow.ly/99qugK.
God, my heart aches for Bobbi Christina. Peace and comfort, baby girl. Peace and comfort.A. Brown
God has smiled on Whitney. No matter what she went through. Praying that Bobbi Kris feels that same love from here forward.Krys Talley
!!!! RT @AdotMonet: God is truly working right now. the whole world praising him together. thank you whitney. ������K.
Jesus is real! Millions feel his Spirit as we are being ministered to! #WhitneyCNNJesse D.W. Reynolds
God is working through Whitney! We are all coming together to praise and worship him and pay our respects for Dear Whitney! #moving❌⭕❌⭕Najpaj
I mean Whitney Houston had to die for some of yall to go to church……East Side Kris
It is EXTREMELY generous for the Houston family to allow us to witness this and allow us our own closure, so let’s keep it respectful.maiysha
OMG Piers Morgan is ruining this funeral. Gotta turn the channel.Andy Cohen
#TylerPerry has kind words for #WhitneyHouston at funeral: http://bit.ly/Au6ll6accessAtlanta
"But the Lord…" "But my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and His amazing grace…" –Whitney HoustonKia
"Whitney Houson loved the Lord." — @tylerperryKia
Tyler Perry: “I’m completely thankful to God for all that he has done in [Houston’s] life.” #WhitneyCNNCNN Entertainment
RT @Soledad_OBrien: @Really_Just_Jay tyler perry: "there was a grace that carried her… same grace carried her home"PoliticalJones
I am persuaded that nothing will separated me from the Lord. #tylerperry #preachgoldietaylor
RT @SophiaRedefined: Tyler Perry is preaching ya’ll (Romans 7)PoliticalJones
RT @ScottWilliams: Tyler Perry just showed that you don’t need much time to preach a good sermon.dstarwriter59
Y’all should really get over the TP hate. Really.K.
Loved every minute of @TylerPerry’s Expressions. #WhitneyHomegoingSebaѕtian Frésh
RT @Turner518: Y is this funeral service a million times better than the grammys? #Butthelord Ijs, lol…K.
������ RT @Flo_theInfamous: Noooo……. RT @FUNNYPICS RT Watching The Whitney Houston Funeral…. http://twitpic.com/8llkiuK.
I honestly don’t recall an event in my life where the black church was celebrated this way on a national platform. Jesus! Bruce Wayne
Still our beloved Whitney Houston is giving the world a wake up call. Put God first and do it unapologetically #RIPWhitney #PraiseHimYvelette Stines
What I’m going to miss is crazy Whitney! Bebe Winansbevysmith
&yall broke right? lolAsia ™ آسيا
BeBe LOL! And y’all broke, right?goldietaylor
Welcome to a Homegoing. Perfectly done BeBe. Perfect.JasFly
RT @aaronlinzy: Why does @bebewinans sound like a recording? Incredible gift and tone.TC
TD Jakes’ lisp always makes me smile. Right on time, cause I’m a wreck.A$VP FURY
"the bible says love is stronger than death." –bishop td jakes #WhitneyFuneralCharli Penn
Bishop T.D. Jakes: Love will last forever, for God is love #WhitneyCNNCNN Entertainment
love is greater then death. #POW hold that! #BishopTDJakesAndreaBaskerville
But EARLY Sunday morning!!!!!!!Coretta Scott Key
Eaaaaarly Sunday mornin!Javier Brown
Cause white funerals aren’t entertaining. RT @KdotRenae: Only black Twitter gives full commentary on the funeralHelga Crane
I’m about to be DONE!!!! Kim Burrell!!!!!!!!!!!!Tameka J Raymond
Come on Rev. Kim Burrell!! Whoo she is another great singer!!Syreta
come on kim! #whitneyshomegoingAsia ™ آسيا
Every. Trending. Topic. Is. About. Whitney. Houston.LeTroy Godashian
I wanna know is the church secretary or Mother Johnson doing Acknowledgments & Resolutions?DickDoss
Lmbo at "why is Jesse Jackson" trending.K.
This ain’t a real black church if one of the choir members don’t doze offEast Side Kris
Time and again that’s what comes up about Whitney, her bound to church, God, service!bevysmith
RT @Deggans: Whintey Houston’s funeral has become one of the most amazing black church services in history.Julius Smith
Kevin Costner shouts out Bobbi Christina & her #WhitneyHouston’s mother, Cissy. Costner continues to share his memories of his own church.Billboard
Kevin Costner…Similarities between he and Whitney #RememberingWhitneyKeisha Kuma
Kevin Costner drank up all of the communion juice. LOL. #RIPWhitneyHoustonSyreta
I’m mad he was stealing the communion wine! LmboK.
Kevin Costner expressions are very nice! Throwing back communion glasses afta church (funny)… #WhitneyFuneral #WhitneyTributesAlisha D. Matthews
#Costner giving us a real picture of his friend the late, the talented #WhitneyHoustonDonna Brazile
Costner is sharing beautiful memories. Lyrical and poetic. Funny and heartfelt. Love him talking about knocking back shots of grape juice.Lola Ogunnaike
I can just imagine all the kee-kee’ing Kevin and Whitney did on the set of The Bodyguard. I think we all have more in common than we think.Blue
Yes! And pinched! RT @SuperScoopz: RT @kiaspeaks If you’ve never been dragged out of church for cutting up, you haven’t lived.Summer Finn
I’m telling you.. My mom, the goon for Jesus, had us in there choir rehearsal, mid-week service, bible study, usher board,VBS..Toya T
Kevin Costner is doing an excellent jobSamirah Ogburn-Tate
Yeah, Kevin was raised baptist. His tail, been up @ that pulpit for a minute. Few more minutes and we gone be having communion.Toya T
*plays organ* RT @mzloud1027: 2minute warningK.
RT @robinnelee: Wow. Kevin Costner. Discussing race in Hollywood. This is a moment to remember.PoliticalJones
Kevin Costner postponed the making of #thebodyguard to wait for Whitney to complete her tour. #whitneyhomegoingBET
Kevin Costner explains how Whitney Houston came to star in ‘The Bodyguard.’ The studio wasn’t convinced, she could handle it, he was.Clutch Magazine
Costner says that he wanted to postpone ‘The Bodyguard’ till #WhitneyHouston got off tour.. "I told her I’d be w/ her every step of the way"Billboard
Kevin really went to bat for Whitney. That "other" singer was Madonna.FaithD
The Bodyguard made me ask my mother what that stalker did on the bed #truestoryMr. 81st and Damen
I LOVEEEEEE Kevin!!!! Amazing humor. So grateful he’s there.!!!JaQuitta Williams
"People didn’t just like you Whitney, they LOVED you"-Kevin Costner #RIPWhitneyHoustonSyreta
Costner: Whitney, if you could hear me I’d tell you, you weren’t just good, you were great. #WhitneyCNNCNN Entertainment
"You weren’t just good enough. You were great." Kevin CostnerMerli Desrosier
Kevin Costner: You were the only one I truly believe who could have played Rachel Marin at that time. #ripwhitneyhoustonChristopher
no one could have played rachel marron. no one. #thebodyguard #whitneyshomegoingAsia ™ آسيا
He cussed in the pulpit!!♥★БɾíԵԵɑղվ★♥
Oh Kevin said damn in the church. #churchfoul❌⭕❌⭕Najpaj
Tweetable moment: Kevin Costner cusses is church!Cornell Wesley
Did he just cuss in church?Toya T
RT @jvanjuan: Some of ya’ll cuss every day and ya’ll falling out because he said, "Damn" — Carry on…LaKeisha Harvey
Oh no Kevin Costner cussed! Church folk do that a lot. We r so religious but impractical. He’s human. Move on.John Gray
Whitney Houston’s co-star Kevin Costner: "So off you go Whitney. Off you go." #WhitneyHoustonESSENCE Music Fest
RT @GlobalGrind: "Off you go Whitney…And when you sing before him don’t you worry you’ll be good enough." ~Kevin CostnerStacey
RT @Soledad_OBrien: Kevin Costner: guard the precious miracle of your own lifeLaKeisha Harvey
Kevin Costner’s touching speech for Whitney Houston receives standing ovation http://huff.to/A3oDRzHuffington Post
I think he was….RT @ChynaMonroe: Kevin was in love with WhitneyPooh C. Galore
Kevin Costner done made a thug.tear upSeltz
Lol RT @thrillchasa: RT @TheMisterMarcus: The Black delegation has offered to trade Jesse Jackson for the rights of Kevin Costner.K.
the church nurse always got tissues! yes lawd. #whitneyshomegoingAsia ™ آسيا
Church ushers stay with the tissues on deck.LeTroy Godashian
Whitney Houston funeral tribute program >>http://bit.ly/A5rxCsNorm Bond
Dionne Warwick says Whitney said abt Alicia Keys: shes got a lot of talent. Alicia is abt to minister.Soledad O’Brien
#EssenceFest alum Alicia Keys revealing "We had nicknames for each other. When we texted we always referred to each other as Memaw."ESSENCE Music Fest
"Whitney reached back to me, Brandy, Monica, Jordin, all of us young artists.." – Alicia Keys #DearWhitneyKayKiSpeaks.com
Alicia Keys: Whitney reached out to me, Brandy and so many young artists. She made us feel strong and capable and loved #WhitneyCNNCNN Entertainment
Let’s get on top of that note Alicia. Amen….John Gray
RT @farajiftw: And we’ve hit the point where fond remembrance has switched over to critiques of performances. I’m going outsideDr. Smith
Dionne Warwick introduces Clive Davis. "Moved, inspired, touched today".Clive talking abt how his mother died and how he was left an orphanSoledad O’Brien
"Whitney was one beautiful woman" Clive Davis I agree 100% #WhitneyTributesAlisha D. Matthews
"You wait for a voice like that for a lifetime. And when 1 person embodies it all it takes your breathe away." ~ Clive DavisPhotoman PG
Davis is sharing stories of #WhitneyHouston & him. He’s touching on her transition to film and countless hits: http://bit.ly/z7DmtFBillboard
Clive Davis: the church is helping me with my grief and heavy heartSoledad O’Brien
"I’m feeling the faith, it’s helping me with my grief and my heavy heart." ~Clive DavisGlobal Grind
"You wait for a voice like that for a lifetime," said music mogul Clive Davis at Whitney Houston’s funeral: http://apne.ws/zFFXMq -CJThe Associated Press
Apparently, Clive has his own bungalow at the Beverly Hilton. i’ll let that marinate.Carl Collins
Despite her demons, "When I needed her she was there," says Clive. http://ow.ly/99sNR #WhitneyHoustonEssence Online
That’s right Clive we all fall short sometimesJoi Chrysten
"Always be proud of your mother. She loved you so very much." #CliveToBKKia
Clive Davis closes his emotional speech and goes to hug #WhitneyHouston’s familyBillboard
RT @FlyLikeDove: "I was her industry father" Clive Davis – that’s real, sometimes it really IS family.Syreta
Clive was for Whitney. You don’t see that type of loyalty in the business anymore.Toya T
Davis: "Is there any performance of the Star Spangled Banner that remotely compares to hers?" #whitneyfuneralTheLoop21
If Cissy is OK with Clive, then I am.Sean
THIS RT @theNFLchick: I need my MLK fan right nah!!Jemele Hill
Umm…. is Mrs.Jakes sleep?Coretta Scott Key
Serita Jakes should have put a 4hour energy drink on her pocketbook!DeLorean Hall
Ain’t Dionne a psychic? She shoulda known.K.
This is such a black funeral. I love us.A$VP FURY
lmao! this truly a black funeral. how didn’t dionne know she wasn’t there. lol #whitneyshomegoingAsia ™ آسيا
“ Whitney Houston will be terribly missed! She was a gift to the world from God! Gone but never forgotten! Lord, We Look To You!Earnest Pugh
RT @MsBrooke1: The nurse’s guild ministry is on their job!! The pulpit guest have their water.K.
Whitney’s brother-in-law/bodyguard Ray Watson says he was by her side for 11 years. God gave us an angel. #WhitneyCNNCNN Entertainment
Uncle ray just made this a real black funeral y’all. y’all always know there’s a wayward family member that speaks at the funeral.Carl Collins
#UncleRay was wonderful. The ‘raggedy’ Bible, the road trip, listening to Fred Hammond….what insight. #WhitneyTammy Garnes
Ray saw a side of Whitney that few knew.Syreta
Whitney would listen to Fred Hammond before she hit the stage.BET
RT @Syreta: "Celebrities go without seeing their families so they can entertain us"–Ray Watson. Very true.MissNyle
Amazing how the concept of a "bodyguard" is throughout this service. Love and protect each other. #FriendshipInga Nandi Willis
Dionne is starting to sound a little "full". She’s still holding this joint down though.Charles Wade
Dionne Warwick is right. Whitney could sing the phone book.Lola Ogunnaike
Stevie Wonder has been a star longer than Whitney was alive…Buddy Love
Lebron should let Stevie borrow a headband. I know….I’m going to hellJ.R.
Stevie Wonder: "I want to just stop and give all praise to God for just allowing me to be in life at the same time as Whitney"Rap-Up
Stevie Wonder at the piano: In my fantasy world, I had a little crush on Whitney #WhitneyCNNCNN Entertainment
"God’s gift’s are never a coincidence"~Stevie Wonder #WhitneysFuneralGlobal Grind
“@KlothezMinded: I fell asleep inbetween Alicia Keys and Stevie Wonders singing. What did I miss?” <– the holy spiritshed read…
RT @kiaspeaks: "Let the believers believe."LaKeisha Harvey
"She is so safe and so precious in the eyes of God." – Patricia Houston #WhitneyHomegoingBET
Bobby left on his own RT @ajc: Breaking: Bobby Brown leaves ex-wife Whitney Houston’s funeral http://bit.ly/xXN0qYK.
Wow. RT @craigmelvin: Bobby Brown decided to leave funeral. We’re told family did NOT ask him to leave. He felt "disrespected" by church.Blayne Alexander
🙁 RT @_sugaHoney: I feel really bad for Bobby Brown right now. He catches so much flack for Whit’s downfall.Butta Applebum
All the speculation and random rumor tweets about why Bobby left & when he was in the church are killing me. He needs to speak for himselfAUC Alumni & Friends
RT @derrickbri: Let’s leave Bobby Brown alone. I’m sure he’s grieving and dealing with enough.A$VP FURY
Just one thing about Bobby, that wasn’t a random ‘entourage’. Several of those were his sons whom Whitney loved. We don’t know everything.JasFly
People remember Bobby Brown lost his father, mother, and ex-wife of 15 yrs in less than 4 months. That’s hard on a persons heart! Bless him!Jermaine Brown
“@cthagod The media made Bobby Brown the bad guy. I never heard Whitney talk bad about or blame Bobby for her situation so why do you?”L.L. Kool J
salute to Bobby, it would have been hard for me to even get out of the carMr. 81st and Damen
Why did Bobby Brown leave? Over seating arrangement?? Hhmph… I think the bigger question is why Rev. Al is tweeting from the funeral.Michelle Brown
hey @TheRevAl didn’t the preacher ask you to turn your phone off? Bruce Wayne
@TheRevAl they respectfully asked that you turn off your electronics!Miya
See, we think we know how/why people relate to other people. We don’t.Carl Collins
Robert wrote the hell out this song.A. Brown
Robert wrote this song for Whitney. Chill.Toya T
R. Kelly can blow! That is a voice made in the church for sure! #WhitneyCNNTasha
RT @bevysmith: The thing I like about church folk is that no matter how you stray you can always come back home!Syreta
Do you want to know why Black music is so powerful & emotional? It is & has ALWAYS been rooted in the Black church. #whitneyfuneralrolandsmartin
@kiaspeaks @shortgirlkic @elusive_a he knows the Lord..People think because you fall short you don’t know those r the ones who know him bestJoi Chrysten
RT @EssKurlTheGawd: @jbritt06 help her Britt RT @WhitneyJenai: Someone please find the poem Dionne Warwick just read. [Don’t Look for Me?]Carl Collins
Cece Winans is sanging, "Don’t Cry For me". "When I’m gone, still carry on".Syreta
CeCe Winans sings “Don’t Cry For Me” #WhitneyCNNCNN Entertainment
*Stands up with one hand in the air*Toya T
I LOVE CECENaturally Me
When im gone, life still carries on. Don’t cry for me.K.
RT @hollyrpeete OK— CeCe is wearing me out—my kids are like mommy you have been crying for 3 hours… | #RememberingWhitneyTomekia Strickland
CeCe Winans!!!!!!!! The sweetest most elegant and truly saved artist!Erica & Tina
Yes, Jesus Loves Me.. CeCe invites people around the world to sing it.Soledad O’Brien
CeCe leads the church into one big choir with Yes Jesus Loves Me, the last song Whitney was recorded singing. #DearWhitneyKayKiSpeaks.com
I LOVE @CeceWinas! #WhitneyHomegoingSebaѕtian Frésh
Jesus really does love me.Toya T
Whitney’s music director Rickey Minor: It didn’t take me long to realize I loved Whitney Houston #WhitneyCNNCNN Entertainment
Minor: Nobody can wear a gown like Whitney Houston could #WhitneyCNNCNN Entertainment
Ricky Minor talking abt making Whitney’s Stars Bangle Banner performance ‘special’… "Can we put a beat under it?"Soledad O’Brien
I told people that Whitney was inspired by Marvin Gaye’s National Anthem! I didn’t know for sure but I FELT IT!bevysmith
"Because you were there, I am here." -Whitney’s music director Rickey MinorVibeMagazine
Somewhere Piers is asking Don if they’ll have an intermission.A. Brown
LOL at Rev. Winans. "I won’t be that long, but I was waiting on y’all." LOVES IT!Syreta
Disclaimer for the heavenly language! Ohh myStephen A. Green
The Winans roll deep like the Wayans.Lola Ogunnaike
Tomorrow. #SweetBabyJesusgoldietaylor
Where is my tambourine?? I’m bout to use itJoi Chrysten
Give your life today!!!! Tomorrow isn’t promised!!!!Joi Chrysten
Hold Your Mule Church….Joe Briggs, Esq.
RT @BLUEDOVE20: Better choose the Lord today….tomorrow may be too late!!!Ashley
It’s only fitting that the doors of te church be opened after thisHenry Bailey
The Winans just placed the seeking Christ into your life on centerstage!Photoman PG
I don’t even go to church and that gets a ‘Yes Lawd’ from me! The ‘it sound so good it hurts’ face. #AmenMo Reilley
CNN don’t know. RT @kiaspeaks: They’re not performing!!!! #ministering RT @CNNshowbiz: Winans family performs “Tomorrow” #WhitneyCNNK.
Missing Whitney’s Funeral on TV & Radio. Appreciate updates & observations from my tweeples. Prayers for her birth family & church familyMichele Norris
Alfretta, Ga??? Alpharetta, GA u mean….shout out to Metro Atlanta…Photoman PG
Alpha-retta.Coretta Scott Key
Alfretta, Georgia. Lmbo!K.
#AlfredoGeorgiaToya T
Come on Alfredo georgia.LeTroy Godashian
(Fetuccini) Alfredo, GeorgiaErin Harper
#yes for Al Fredda #GAshed read…
RT @RandomlyAnt: How this WHOLE family is blessed with these kinds of voices …God is real!K.
CNN don’t know. RT @kiaspeaks: They’re not performing!!!! #ministering RT @CNNshowbiz: Winans family performs “Tomorrow” #WhitneyCNNK.
“@Mista_Anderson: I love my people! I’m Black and I’m proud! Can I get an Amen? #WhitneyCNN” – amen!Sean
Funeral of Whitney; I love the Black Church,the underappreciated soul of America, exported from Africa, packaged by Motown, now on CNN.Robert Franklin
Welcome to church world if you have Neva beenBrandan J. Zachery
Rev. Marvin Winans to Cissy: “You’ve brought the world to church today” #WhitneyCNNCNN Entertainment
I can appreciate CNN for letting this message be broadcasted. For allowing Jesus’ name to be said THIS many times in the day? Amazing.Reese
I know Cissy Houston was like y’all had my daughter long enough, I’m bringing her home to be with her FAMILY!bevysmith
Marvin just said #CissyHouston brought the world to "CHUUURCH" today. Can I get an amen?Don Lemon
Whitney has had the world in Church for 4hrs.Inga Nandi Willis
@kiaspeaks oh yes she did!!! God is not only in that church but is working through that tv right now I pray somebody find the Lord right nowJoi Chrysten
Everybody want to talk about what the Church not doing, not realizing they are the church.Invisible™
Cissy Houston made a decision to give the world some Church today. Thank You.Inga Nandi Willis
Pastor Winans is officially the Pastor of the Universe. No other preacher has PREACHED on CNN.Tera C. Hodges
!! RT @NishaBNisha Go ol’ Baptist church on CNN!!!! To God Be the Glory!KayKiSpeaks.com
I keep tryna tell yall what we do on this earth is not for our own benefit, but for our impact on others.LeTroy Godashian
Y’all realize the world is a church right now!!!! Watch how God is STILL Using Whitney’s life!!!!!!!Joi Chrysten
GOD’s WORD on CNN!Angela L.Young
Man y’all just don’t know how I used to try to talk like Marvin every time I spoke in church programs as a youngster lolDickDoss
"How can I add property rights when all I’m going to preach is The Word?" -Marvin WinansKrys Talley
Paston Winans tells the church: "This is not a speech. I’m getting ready to preach"Clutch Magazine
PrioritizeRoxanne DiGario
"@rolandsmartin: Pastor Winans has tagged his #whitneyfuneral text: "Prioritize" Scripture: Matthew 6:25"PJ Premier
What REALLY matters to you in life? Prioritize! Pastor Marvin Winans!Lorraine White
RT @prolificdestiny: "Salvation is free, but it’s not cheap!" – Pastor Marvin L. WinansK.
Salvation is free, but it ain’t cheap.Miss Divyn
man can’t save what the Lord already owns…. #YourSoulBACKBONE
Pastor Marvin Winans is now referencing Ephesians 1. Walk through that text, my brother! #whitneyfuneralrolandsmartin
"GOD had a purpose before He created a person." PREACHHHHHH Pastor Winans!!!!!!! #RIPWhitneyAleysha Proctor
RT @AubreyODay: ‘God had a purpose before he ever created a person’ everyone is significant. #whitneyhomecomingK.
Owners manual doesn’t tell you how to drive or who to let in your car, but tells you how to get performance. Bible = owners manual. #WhitneyAUC Alumni & Friends
Pastor Marvin Winans: "When people look at the Bible, they look at it from the wrong perspective. This IS the… http://fb.me/YzJtEvTGrolandsmartin
When people look at the bible, they look at it from the wrong perspective. This IS the owners manual.: Pastor WinansSoledad O’Brien
The Bible —> our owner’s manual to LIFE ! Read The Word –> better performance !iRai 
Where’s your owner’s manual ?! Get that out!iRai 
Either you love God or you serve money. But you can’t serve money and God. Prioritize!Miss Divyn
Alright!! Can’t serve money AND God!!! Preach!!!K.
Either you’ll love God or serve money. Take them to church Rev. Winans!Syreta
RT @donnabrazile: Pastor Winans is giving us a special spiritual tuneup #whitneyfuneralLaKeisha Harvey
I’m gonna need the transcripts of this sermonToya T
!!! “@kiaspeaks: "I don’t agree with the prosperity gospel? Well, I don’t know no other gospel there is." #SAYTHAT #PastorWinans”Mona
"I just believe the bible."A$VP FURY
If God wants somebody to be broke, will you tell me who that is?LaKeisha Harvey
Pastor Marvin Winans: "What God desires for everyone is that everyone be healthy and prosperous." #whitneyfuneralrolandsmartin
God desires that everyone be healthy and prosperous.LaKeisha Harvey
RT @God: I got’chu!A$VP FURY
"As one Muslim said, he wishes he had met Christ before he met the Christian." #SadRealityKia
Pastor Marvin Winans: Priority of a believer. SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM of GOD #WhitneyCnnPJ Premier
THIS RT @theNFLchick: I need my MLK fan right nah!!Jemele Hill
Somebody met Jesus today because of Whitney. #thankhimSeltz
Aye …we’re all in church together today! Love y’all Twitter Fam !iRai 
This is a message 2 BOC that singing Gospel isn’t the only way 2 glorify God! Whitney sang ‘secular’ music & some1’s abt 2 get saved!Robin May
I’m gonna need the transcripts of this sermonToya T
These sunglasses in church…they are lucky my grandma isn’t there. Somebody would be fetching a switch.Jemele Hill
RT @lovebscott The world needed to go to church today. God is working. #RIPWhitneyHoustonDai’Trell
Yes!! RT @RobCarpenter2: PAUSE: Prophecy is being fulfilled. The Gospel is being preached around the world on CNN uninterrupted. Wow!Rae Lewis-Thornton
YES God is MOVING!! millions tuned in to church on a Saturday!!! Amen Amen!Rika Pesos
RT @marcusbowers: CNN and BET got people everywhere around the world LISTENING TO THE WORD !!! … And I love it :)K.
I can appreciate CNN for letting this message be broadcasted. For allowing Jesus’ name to be said THIS many times in the day? Amazing.Reese
“@kiaspeaks: "As one Muslim said, he wishes he had met Christ before he met the Christian." #SadReality”Brandan J. Zachery
“@kiaspeaks: What you do for God will never make you ashamed.” #TRUTHBrandan J. Zachery
#God used @cnn this morning to reach us all… Some of You thought you were tuning into see Whitney but you found #Christ #amenRobert Henson
Bittersweet memories, that is all I’m taking with me. So goodbye, please don’t cry…Blair Dottin Haley
RT @lovebscott The world needed to go to church today. God is working. #RIPWhitneyHoustonDai’Trell
Is Don Lemon going to explain what a repast isCarl Collins
@jacquereid @bevysmith I thinks Pier Morgan is going to a Baptist Church tomorrow.Shawn Hawes
RT @mschantebaby: RT @Satisfies69 Who else did this? #RIPWhitneyHouston http://twitpic.com/8lnet6 http://twitpic.com/8lnko0”K.