We’ve always known that Outkast had a political and social consciousness that seemed to go over the heads of other hip hop artists, but last week, group member Big Boi took that consciousness to the next level by becoming actively involved in protesting the execution of Troy Davis.

Davis’ execution for the 1989 murder of off-duty police officer Mark MacPhail galvanized thousands of supporters throughout the world after defense attorneys presented evidence that he was not the gunman in the crime. That evidence included recantations from seven of the nine eyewitnesses who testified against Davis in the original trial.

While many hip hop artists expressed their views on the case, Big Boi definitely went the extra mile (or 60). In addition to using twitter page to encourage followers to get involved, Big Boi actually journeyed to Jackson, GA to participate in a protest near the prison where Davis was later executed.

While many were surprised by Big Boi’s social activism, it’s actually nothing new to him. Big Boi’s foundation, Big Kidz Foundation, uses the arts to create socially conscious youth, which is arguably what Outkast has been using their music to do for years.

So today’s Throwback Saturday is dedicated to Big Boi. He uses art to create social consciousness. What are you doing to change the world we live in?