Over the past couple of weeks, I took a self-imposed, pop culture timeout. I needed to get away from the fluff of life and get back to what was real. During this time, I missed a lot of happenings, and I didn’t get a chance to share a lot that was going on in my life. So this blog serves as a little catch me up of all the random thoughts that I wanted to tweet, but couldn’t.

1)      Congrats to Bey and Jay on little Jayonce (Yes, I named their child!). I was really worried that if Bey didn’t get knocked up soon, her choosing her career over a baby was going to ruin their relationship. But thanks to Baby Carter, Jay and Bey live to love another day.

2)      Did anything else noteworthy happen on  the MTV Awards? All I only heard about Jayonce Carter.

3)      What is going on with T.I.? He got out of prison and then went back the next day? Let me Goggle and find out so I can start planning his escape.

4)      Cameron has been on punishment for the past three weeks. No tv, computer, video games, cell phone, Facebook or toys because he has been “forgetting” to bring his homework home, and he knows I don’t play that. I really don’t know why he tries me. He knows I’m crazy. He can be on punishment until the end of the school year for all I care. He better get his act together ASAP!!!

5)      I’m really hoping Cameron gets off punishment this week so I can go see The Lion King 3D. He’s hindering my fun now.

6)      One of my baby’s had a baby girl, and she is gorgeous!!! I’m going to see her tomorrow, and I can’t wait!!! 🙂

7)      This Jodeci, H-Town and Pretty Rickey video, “Knocking Your Heels Off” is a catastrophe!!! I miss 90s R&B as much as the next person, but this is NOT the revival I’ve been praying for!!! If this is the best you can do, can you please go away and let us preserve our great memories of the 90s? SMH.