Helping a child understand the death of a parent, close relative or friend is an extremely difficult task. However, author Chiquita Lockley attempts to make this task a little less difficult with the release of her second book, Maggie Tales: Mommy, Where’s Heaven?

Maggie Tales: Mommy, Where’s Heaven? is the story of Maggie, a precocious five year old, who is striving to comprehend what happens when people die and go to heaven. Her mom answers her BIG question through festive and colorful imagery that paints a picture of heaven for little Maggie.

Lockley penned Maggie Tales, her first children’s book, after losing a young child close to her. While struggling to understand the unexpected death of her loved one, she noticed that the child’s cousin was struggling to understand the entire concept of death. Designed to be a comforting conversation starter for children ages four through ten, Maggie Tales: Mommy, Where’s Heaven? will give parents, teachers, counselors, and adults a platform by which to engage in this difficult conversation.

Set for release on October 3rd, Maggie Tales is currently available for preorder at More information is available at


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