The Vibe Magazine cover featuring Jodeci that hung in my middle school locker.

In the 90s, Jodeci was EVERYTHING!!!! Yes, K-Ci and Jojo could SANG!!! And Mr. Dalvin was a cutie. But Devante, Devante Swing, he was FINE…and the music genius behind the group’s success. I remember having Jodeci’s Vibe Magazine cover hanging in my locker in 8th grade, all so I could see Devante’s sexy tail with that rose in his mouth in between classes.

As I was watching Missy Elliot’s Behind the Music special, I was reminded of Jodeci’s stardom and while Devante’s drug use had never been a secret, I began to wonder if Devante was still as fine as he was in the 90s or had years of drug abuse caused him to do an Alexander O’Neal. Google images confirmed, Devante Swing and Alexander O’Neal are the same people—music greats destroyed by years of addiction.

It’s sad. How do you go from all this fineness

Devante Swing in all his 90s fineness.

to a crackhead with a face tattoo.

WTH Devante?!?!

I keep telling the kids that the effects of drugs are real. Hopefully, this little reminder from Devante Swing and Alexander O’Neal will reinforce the fact that drugs are whack. Don’t sell out your looks or talents for a blunt, drink or crack pipe. Please and thank you.

Say it ain’t so, Devante!


Alexander O’Neal at the 2011 BET Awards *face palm*

Here’s video of Devante’s 2010 Subway incident when he was arrested for public drunkenness. RIP to Devante’s looks and get well soon to him as a person. *tear*