Beyonce's 4 Album CoverI make my fair share of Beyonce jokes. I mean they’re so easy and her stans are so reactionary, how can you not? But in reality, I really like Bey and have the upmost respect for her. As I watched her Piers Morgan interview today, I was reminded of why I do respect her as a person.

Deep down, Beyonce’s just like you and me. She just gets broadcast to the world, flaws and all. A major flaw that is often highlighted is her inability to deliver well in interviews. That wasn’t the case when she sat down with CNN’s Piers Morgan. In this interview, I was introduced to a more confident and self-assured Beyonce. She didn’t appear nervous or out of her element at all. I credit this to her upcoming 30th birthday. I’ve always heard that you spend your 20s trying to figure out who you are and at 30 you start to unabashedly embrace that person. Five months from 30 myself, I can definitely attest to that being true.

I’m not an album buyer (I mostly buy singles from iTunes), and I’m definitely not a CD buyer, but I am going to stop by Target today and pick up Beyonce’s album, 4, despite its mediocre/awful reviews. And I’m doing so for these three reasons:

1) I like Beyonce as a person. Despite her fame, fortune and astute business sense, Beyonce has always come across as an extremely humble, grateful and grounded person. How can you not like or respect someone like that?

2) She’s extremely talented. Sure you can debate whether Beyonce is a great entertainer or a living legend, but her talent has undoubtedly enabled her to leave her mark on pop culture.

3) I think I’ve been brainwashed. Seriously, I did see like 20 Beyonce Target commercials in 3 hours yesterday. On top of that, @MrLDavis made a 4 minute video commercial for the album, and I didn’t even think he was a fan. The power of media is real, yall.

Check out Mr. L. Davis’ commercial and Beyonce’s complete interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan below.