I’ve been off the dating scene for awhile, but lately, I’ve been getting the urge to jump back in the midst of things. Maybe it’s because my girl is having such a wonderful time dating and writing about her adventures. Or maybe it’s Kelly Rowland’s fault for making me “want to feel [his] hands all over me baby.” Seriously, the only time I don’t feel my legs is when I get off the treadmill at the gym. Keyshia Cole doesn’t make it any better because “I love my baby”…I just don’t know who his tail is. *Sigh.* But as badly as I want to get back on the dating scene, I haven’t…because I HATE dating.

Growing up my mom always taught me not to use that word. “Hate is a strong word,” mom would say. And I would usually substitute it with a synonym like “dislike,” “detest” or “disdain.” But that can’t be done with dating. I HATE dating!!! The whole “getting to know you” stage is just awkward and uncomfortable. Only to be followed up by “the games” of who likes who the most. I would call the games childish, but kids don’t even do that. Children let you know up front how they feel: good, bad or indifferent. And after you endure all of that, aren’t you too exhausted to have a real relationship? I would be.

I want to find my one and live happily ever after, but can I skip the whole dating game and still get there? Seriously, is it unrealistic for me to fall in love with an old friend, co-worker or someone I have daily interactions with and just have the relationship without all the weird dating stuff? If I must date, how do I get over my utter HATE of dating? Maybe I just need to meet that stranger that makes me want to get to know him better? I need advice guys. Help a sister out! While you’re coming up with ways to help me, enjoy Kelly Rowland and Keyshia Cole’s videos below.