“God’s Word is true. You just need a daily reminder of what He is planning to do for you.”

—Kia Smith

Two summers ago I had just wrapped up my first year of teaching. I was really excited about year number two and I wanted to make the best of it. I wanted to be a change agent in my students’ lives. I wanted to be the person that propelled them to the next level. So I prayed about it…everyday.

I can’t remember if I wrote a scripture on my mirror or a personal prayer (I think it may have been both), but every morning, when I looked in my mirror, I was reminded of what God had planned for me and my classroom. I spoke those words, God’s Words, over my life for an entire summer, and once school started, those words began to manifest without me even giving them a second thought. I had successfully manifested God’s Word in my life.

What’s crazy is over the years I’ve stopped writing my prayers on the mirror. I have scriptures and prayers saved in my cell phone, but I no longer have them posted where I see the daily and often. But yesterday that all changed.

As I stood in my bathroom mirror twisting my hair (I now look like an extra from The Color Purple) pondering my most recent situation, Bible verses came to mind–scriptures that had the power to completely transform my situation. And because I desperately need to get God’s Word on this situation into my soul, I wrote them on my mirror.

Psalm 138:2 says: “You have magnified Your word above all Your name.” This means that God will sacrifice the holiness of His name before He reneges on His Word (scripture). So if the Bible is a book of promises of what God wants to do in your life, all we have to do is learn and abide by His Word to make these promises manifest. When His Word becomes a part of your very essence, God has no choice but to bring it to pass in your life.

So do what you have to do to remind yourself of God’s promises for your life. Doing this will raise your level of expectation. Once that is done, God will not only meet your expectation…but He will surpass it.