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With the government on the verge of a shutdown, everyone’s nervous about what will happen next. However, aren’t there a few things you wish would disappear with the government? Yeah, yeah, we need structure and all that good stuff, but if the government has to shutdown, these five things should go with it.

#5 No Child Left Behind: Teachers would LOVE it if a government shutdown caused this poorly written and awfully executed Act of Congress disappeared forever. Maybe then we could go back to teaching curriculum instead of teaching tests. An overworked, underpaid teacher can dream, right?

#4 The Wars/Military Engagements: Wouldn’t it be nice if a government shutdown would bring our troops home and out of the war zones. Unfortunately, it won’t. 🙁 Still praying for you guys!

#3 Congress’ Salaries: You would think that with the government shutdown there would be no reason to pay Congress all their $174,000 annual salary. Unfortunately, we’re not that lucky. The hardworking, intelligent, and caring individuals (yes, that was sarcasm) who govern us will still receive their paychecks if the government shuts down, even though military troops will lose one weeks pay in their next check (

#2 FICA & Social Security: Wouldn’t it be nice to get a check with no deductions? No money going to folks you don’t know. I know that would add an extra $500 or so to my check every month, and I could use that.

#1 Donald Trump: You’re loud, boisterous, and annoying. The only reason we give you any time is because you provide us with the Sunday night coonery known as Celebrity Apprentice. But sir, we don’t like you, we don’t respect you, and we don’t want you to be our President. Please go away, sir!!!!

Enjoy this lovely clip of Donald Trump.