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Marvin Gaye (courtesy of Wikipedia)

Seventy-two years ago today one of music’s greatest voice was born. Twenty-seven years ago yesterday, he was murdered by his father.

I’ve known the story of Marvin Gaye for as long as I can remember. He was murdered a week before my sister was born, so I’ve often heard my parents reminisce about where they were when they heard the news…how they thought it was an April Fool’s joke. Marvin was their Tupac—an urban poet who was struck down too early partly due to his own tragic flaw.

During a birthday tribute to Marvin Gaye, I heard a radio personality share his thoughts about Marvin’s death. In his opinion, he thought Marvin, overcome by his drug addiction, debt, and a drama filled life, committed suicide by cop. In his words, “Marvin knew how to push his dad’s buttons,” and he pushed his father to the point that he killed him. Interesting, I thought. And brave I must add.

While we will never know what occurred in their home on the tragic day that Marvin was murdered, we can still enjoy the classic songs that he left behind.

Marvin, may your find the peace in death that you were unable to find in life.