In a previous lifetime, I did some publicity work. And while I enjoyed it at the time, I really haven’t thought about jumping back in it full-time, but I wouldn’t mind taking on a project or two every now and then.

Friday evening I learned that Chris Brown’s publicist quit. I wasn’t surprised at all. Chris seems like he would be the client from hell. He knows it all, refuses to listen and take advice, and has temper tantrums in public. Despite all of this, I would absolutely LOVE to work as C. Breezy’s publicist and here and five reasons why:

#5: I don’t get star struck. In a previous lifetime (yes, before I did my publicity stint) I worked promotions for a couple of different artists. So I’ve seen, been around, and chilled with my share of celebs, and I’ve done so without ever getting star struck. Well there was this time T.I. and Tiny came into Ted’s Montana Grill while I was working, but that was a different story. I say all that to say, I could hold my own around Chris and the rest of dem. No worries about me becoming a groupie.

#4: I believe in the product. To be a great publicist, marketer, or spokesperson, you have to believe in what you’re selling. The passion you have for the product will pour over and convince others to give it a try as well. Breezy has had a number of screw ups, but at the end of the day, I still believe in him. I believe in his talent, I believe that he’s still marketable, and I believe at his core he’s a good person. I also believe in my ability to make the rest of the world believe this as well.

#3: I’m a likable person. People enjoy talking to me. My charm and personality have opened a number of doors for me, and I wouldn’t mind using my charm and personality for Chris’s benefit either. I could also use that charm and personality to coax and calm Chris when he begins having those temper tantrums.

#2: I deal with Chris Brown’s every day. I can name three of them I will see this week. The angry, rebellious kid who feels he knows it all and the world’s against him. Yeah, as I high school teacher I see it a lot, and I’ve learned to deal well with that personality. I acknowledge their anger, talk them off the ledge, and convince them to make a decision that will work toward solving the problem and keep them out of trouble. I think Chris could use a me in his life.

#1: I’ve lived enough life to just not give damn. I don’t care if you are “Chris Brown” and the world bows down around you. I’m going to tell you how it is, what it’s going to be, and keep it moving. What are you going to do? Fire me? Oh well! On to the next one. I was straight before Breezy, and I’ll be fine after him. If more celebs had people around them who were willing to risk the benefits of their job/friendship to tell the truth, I promise those celebs would be better off.

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