Soooooo, I’m going through a time of transition. God is directing me to leave something good and secure to walk into something that could be will be great, but it appears to be financially insecure. I know everything God does ends well, but it’s going to take a lot of faith for me to leave the comforts and security that I’ve become accustomed with to take this journey with God.

As God always does, He sent me a Word to help me through this period of my life. The Bible calls Abraham the father of faith. He sacrificed and lived a life of faith to ensure his descendents, not just him, received the promises of God. My pastor instructed us to study Abraham’s life, so we could learn how to live a life of faith. His life is our curriculum. And I began my study yesterday.

I started with Genesis 12 (New Living Translation), and as I read the Holy Spirit began using Abraham’s journey to speak directly to my situation. Guys, I promise, if you get quiet with His Word, it will speak to you, your life, and your situation. The Bible is more than just ancient stories. It’s a life-changing tool if you use it correctly. Here’s what I gathered from chapter 12:

  • Genesis 12:1— I have to leave what I know, what’s comfortable, and what’s familiar, and God is going to give me something better. He doesn’t want me to depend on my knowledge to get through this. He is sending me into unfamiliar territory, so I have to depend on Him.


  • Genesis 12:2-3–God is going to establish something great through me. With it come blessings, money, & fame. Those who help me will be blessed. Those who curse me will be cursed. The world will be a better place because I lived. Lives will be changed because I obeyed God.


  • Genesis 12:4—I have to be careful who comes with me on this journey. Just because they are family and/or wealthy doesn’t mean they are called to walk with me on this journey. I need for God to reveal my team to me.


  • Genesis 12:6-9—I must move with God. No matter how many times He moves, switches up, or changes directions, I have to follow Him!


  • Genesis 12:7–When God reveals instructions document it & WORSHIP!!!! That seals the deal! I’m documenting so I can look back and recall all that He has done for me and promised me, and I am worship to show Him I’m grateful and to remain in communication with Him.


  • Genesis 12:10–I will be in unfamiliar territory. I may be uncomfortable. But I must keep going.


  • Genesis 12:12-17—I can’t lie to or manipulate people because I’m afraid they will take my stuff. What God has for me is mine. No one can take it. And if they try to take it, they will be cursed.


  • Genesis 12:18-20–Don’t fret if people dismiss me. Smile and leave. God is still with me!