Nine years ago I was a burgeoning writer. As a sophomore in college, I had just picked up my first writing gig with Club AUC Magazine. Of course it didn’t pay anything, but it was a great opportunity to build up my writing portfolio, meet some industry folks, and figure out if this was really what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I was assigned the entertainment section, and after writing a few artist profiles and album reviews, I got my first biggie: a feature on Killer Mike.

THIS WAS HUGE!!! While I had been doing album promotions for awhile and had done celebrity in-stores and events, this would be my first sit down with a celebrity, and Killer Mike was all abuzz at the time. He had just been signed to Outkast’s Aquemini Records, in addition to being featured on their Grammy-winning track, “The Whole World.” So I was pretty excited as I prepared to interview Killer Mike and his production crew, the Beat Bullies, at Stankonia Studios.

Five minutes into our interview, I became thoroughly impressed with Killer Mike and knew I would be a fan for life. He understood that his music was bigger than himself. He used his music to tell the story of the streets while inspiring growth and change. Killer Mike was the epitome of socially conscience hip hop.

Yesterday, I came across a track that reminded me of why I fell in love with Killer Mike’s music in the first place. “Burn” proves Killer Mike to be the thought provoking, socially aware, lyricists I met nine years ago. I’m really happy to see he hasn’t let the industry change the music he produces or the person he is.

For your enjoyment, I’ve included my original feature on Killer Mike. I hope you enjoy it. Charge any bad writing to the fact that I was a neo. 🙂 I haven’t read it in years, and even now, I’m a little nervous to do so. I guess I’ll read with you guys.

Killer Mike profile Clispe review 10 02

Killer Mike profile Clispe review 10 02