Every now and then when I have some down time I like to visit @brookandthecity’s blog. She offers a very unique and entertaining perspective on life, so it’s always a good read. One thing I absolutely love about her Absolute Brook blog is the Friends in My Head sidebar on her page. My friends can corroborate that I’m quick to befriend a celebrity, even if it’s only in my head. And from that point on I talk about them like I know them. So here’s a list of my celebrity besties (even if we’re only friends in my head).

Michelle Obama: Michelle is the big sister who’s made it and is living the fabulous life. She has the super career, the fine, intelligent and powerful husband, and the smart, cute, respectful kids. I may be the little sister striving to become what she is, but there’s no jealousy or hating here. I am an admirer. She gives advice, and I take it because all I want is success similar to hers. Plus, I really enjoy my nights at the White House and the formal dinners. What girl doesn’t love the chance to dress up and eat good?



Tip: In my head, Tip is the homey I went to high school with. His intellect has always been apparent, but his priorities were screwed, he made bad decisions, and he ran with a crew of thugs that unfortunately landed him on the wrong side of the law on more than one occasion. His decisions took us on different paths in life: I went away to college and left him back home doing what he’s always done. But through it all, we kept in contact. I never counted homey out, and he proved me right. He was a man with plans of success, dreams to fuel it, and the intellect and street smarts to get him there. Before I knew it, he was on top. He respects the fact that I was always on his team, so the new fortune and fame doesn’t interrupt our relationship at all. 


Cam Newton: Cam is the cutie I met in college. We started off kind of feeling each other (seriously, how can you not fall in love with that smile), but eventually we gave up on any chance of a romantic relationship and embraced the great friendship we have. At the end of the day, he became the big brother I’ve always wished for. He has my back when I need “guy” things done, like changing a tire or moving into a new apartment, and I’m there to do “girly” things like wash his dirty clothes and cook 3am breakfasts when he gets home late. Now that he’s going pro, maybe he hook me up with one of his teammates. *crosses fingers*


Oprah Winfrey: Oprah is the first boss I worked for. I fell in love with her and her management style, but more importantly, she fell in love with me. She sees my potential, takes me under her wing, and teaches me everything she knows. She shapes, models, and mentors me into being the best possible me. She introduces me to all the right people, makes sure I’m in all the right places, and once I make it to the top, she wants nothing back. Her reward is the fact that I am on top, and she trusts that I will do for the next fabulous intern what she’s done for me.



Justin Bieber: Seriously, guys, I hang with teenagers 8-10 hours a day, can’t I at least be friends with a cool one? Every now and then Justin flies me in for his concerts and appearances, and we drink Shirley Temples over Xbox games. I always bring my Beats by Dre headphones because the sound of screaming teenage girls nauseate me. He gives my son drum and piano lessons in his down time, and every now and then when he sees that I’m stressed out from trying to save his generation from themselves, he flies me and my girls to an exotic island for some rest and relaxation. Oh, and you can’t forget the weekly prayer meetings I have with him and Cam Newton 🙂 *praise Him*. In all honesty, I really like this kid because he gives me hope for future.


So who are you friends in your head? I bet they aren’t as cool as mine!