On Valentine’s Day rumors that Jay-Z and Beyonce were separating emerged on the Internet. Supposedly, he wants kids, and she would rather have a super career. I didn’t give this much thought until last night; then it finally hit me: hip hop’s last super couple may be on the verge of calling it quits! As I began to research the origin of these reports, they all pointed to one source: MediaTakeOut.

Now I’m not one to demean the credibility of an organization, but seriously, the crackhead in West End is more reliable than MediaTakeOut. Finding out they are the source of the story immediately invalidated it to me. Yeah, the story sounds plausible, but until a trustworthy news source can verify the information, I’m writing this off as another fake out brought to you by MediaTakeOut. In the mess of dissecting this story, I was reminding of a valuable lesson that’s been shared with me before: premarital counseling is key.

Everyone has a set of core values that they are not willing to waiver on, and before two people marry and become one they should definitely sit down to ensure their core values are aligned. You don’t want to get 15, 10, or even a year into your marriage only to realize that you can’t resolve one issue that ends up destroying the union.

As a single woman who values her career and family, I pray to God that I am able to merge both lives into one…kind of like Kimora Lee has done. I know it sounds easier than it actually is, but I’m willing to work to make it happen.

Speaking of marriage and all that jazz, you should check out this new blog: From the Club to the Chapel: A BK Girl’s Adventure Down the Aisle. You are sure to love the raw honesty of @Soon2beMrs’ posts as she chronicles her adventures to wifedom. I was hooked after the first post.

And while you’re at it, enjoy this track from Jay-Z and Beyonce. Just remember not to be so “Crazy in Love” that you forget to get premarital counseling. 🙂