Last night’s episode of The Game is one of those filler episodes that every show has, so I’m not upset about that. But it felt a little disjointed and all over the place. In the midst of all the drama I think I figured out what has been the problem with The Game.

The Game was designed to be a sitcom. That was the show most of us knew and loved. It thrived off comedic situations with light drama written in an amusing tone. When The CW decided to cancel The Game, part of the reason given was the fact that it didn’t fit the new format they were adopting for the network. That format consisted of one hour long dramas like Gossip Girls & 90210. In an effort to save the show, the producers & writers of The Game adopted a dramady format for the last few episodes that aired on The CW. This format included more drama and no laugh tracks. In the short-term this format worked, but in the long-term I think it’s becoming problematic.

First, BET adopted the dramady format, but they didn’t allot the time needed to properly present it. If you’re going to produce a dramady, you need an hour to fully develop the storylines and let the story flow more naturally. Right now, EVERYTHING on the show feels rushed and pushed through instead of well written and developed.

Next, these actors aren’t believable in these dramatic situations. I’m not saying they’re bad actors. I’m just saying dramas may not be their forte.

I honestly think the show would be more successful if they decided to resume the original format of a 30 minute sitcom. But that leaves the question: how do you successful switch up The Game so late in the game? Pun intended.