I’m no Nicki Minaj fan, but I’m really feeling her song, “Moment for Life.” I love the way she captures the essence and joy of being on top of the world while also being realistic enough to acknowledge that it is only for a moment in the greater scheme of things. Everyone wants to know what that moment feels like. Everyone deserves to feel that moment. But should we live it for life?

I began to ponder what moment would I want to have for the rest of my life. I thought about the moment I realized I possessed the amazing ability to love like a mother. But if I held on to the moment for life, I would miss out on the moments of seeing my son complete elementary school, graduate from college, and get married. I thought about it being the most successful moment in my career, but then I wouldn’t get to explore the amazing things that still lie ahead of me. And I thought the moment I say “I do,” but if I lived that moment for life, I would never have the opportunity to see our love grow, develop, and mature. In reality, as a great as certain moments in life are, there’s not one that I would want to live forever.

Life is full of peaks and valleys, but if we settle for staying on top of one mountain for life, we will never get the opportunity to see if the next mountain is even higher…even greater. Yes, you have to go down the mountain into the valley before you can begin to climb to the top of the next one, but if the next mountain is higher than the first, isn’t it worth it? At the end of the day, we shouldn’t sacrifice the journey for a moment. So many lessons are learned on the journey. Yes, the moment should be enjoyed, but the journey should be embraced and enjoyed as well.