I had committed to spending the first 14 days of this month blogging about love, relationships, and all that Valentine’s Day jive, and with all of the dysfunctional relationships on The Game, I knew the writers would supply me with a abundance of relationship topics to write about in my weekly The Game blog. Unfortunately for me, the lovey dobey came in second to friendship on this week’s episode. But amidst my disappointment, I soon realized there’s little difference between true friendship and a relationship. Both are built trust, honesty, and loyalty. Both can be forever destroyed by a violation of any one of these characteristics. And both can also be healed by love and forgiveness.

Derwin and Malik are supposedly boys. Malik has looked out (in his own special way no doubt) for Derwin since he entered the league. He stood by him when he cheated on Melanie, he had his back when he knocked up Janay, and he was the only one sharing knowledge during the whole paternity test scandal. Yet, when Malik gets himself in a HUGE mess and asks Derwin for his help and support, Derwin goes back on his word, punks out and doesn’t show up.

Derwin really screwed up on this one. He placed money and “success” over being loyal to a friend. HUGE FAIL!!! I’m sure that extra seat next to Tasha Mack shattered what was left of Malik. The only question left is will Malik be able to forgive Derwin or will this be the end of the road for them?

Lesson Learned: We have to take our commitments to our friends just as seriously as we take our commitments to our spouses. Our friends should be able to depend and rely on us in good times and bad ones. I’ve seen a lot of difficult times in my life, and often, I’m not sure I would have survived if it wasn’t for my friends who took one for the team and stood by my side when it wasn’t publically popular or even personally wise. To my real friends, you are truly appreciated, and I pray I am one day able to return the favor and/or pay it forward.

P.S. This episode was great!