I’m really appreciative of you guys clicking and reading each day. I rack my brain on a daily basis trying to think of new and fresh material for you, and I want you to know and understand that every click you make on my site is greatly appreciated! Already, in the first month of 2011, we have managed to collect almost as many clicks as we did during all of last year. And I only have you to thank.

Right now I just want to share with you to Top 7 Post of January 2011. Hope you enjoy the second time as much as you did the first. Thanks for reading!

#7: I Hate the Characters and Malik’s a Hot MessThe Game’s a hot mess and its characters are too, but this character arch may save ’em (even if they don’t wanna be saved)!

#6: God Needs Better PR PeopleGod’s representatives don’t always meet the mark. Are you giving your all to rep Him appropriately?

#5: The Post Game Show:Lessons from Episode OneThe Game may only be a television show to you, but it’s a bundle of life lessons for others.

#4: 90s R&B: The Xscaped FootageI miss 90s R&B…and this video sums up why! I love me some Tiny and Kandi!

#3: Giffords, Palin, and the Tea PartyEvery now and then an event so tragic happens that it jolts us to our senses. The Arizona shooting was one of those events. Still sending up prayers for all those involved.

#2: 10 Life Lesson via Jay-ZJay-Z proved to be intellectual stimulating during this interview. And Oprah Presents Master Class proved to be a classic.

#1: Jeanius: MAC 2011 Spring CollectionSome things are so amazing they are genius. But MAC’s new spring collection is fashionable too, so it’s Jeanius!