For the first time in two years, Tuesday night was Game night. And after endless anticipation, Saber fans sat glued to their televisions waiting to see if BET, the place where black culture goes to die (that came from my twitter fam. They rock J), was going to murder black America’s baby, The Game. There were jokes about BET, infamous for their inefficiency, going over capacity by the number of viewers and the Twitter fail whale popping on the screen, but overall, everyone was hoping that BET would win this round. By the end of the show, I can safely say everyone’s happy to have The Game back on air. The show is definitely not the same one that left The CW two years ago, but it’s still to be determined whether that’s a good or bad thing. Either way, there are definitely some lessons that can be learned from this first episode of The Game.


1) Too much drama is a bad thing. Was it just me or did you feel like The Game over did it with the plots? I mean in one episode Melanie destroyed her marriage, slandered Janay’s character, and destroyed Derwin & DJ’s life. And Malik! This negro is banging the owner’s wife & his former BFF’s “life partner” (Tee-Tee’s words, not mine). And I haven’t even touched Tasha, Jason, & Kelli’s story lines. So much went on in that hour I was exhausted by the time the show went off. My twitter fam said it best: BET has managed to turn a show with the perfect comedy & drama balance into a black soap opera. Seriously, I was waiting on Maury to hop out and say, “You are NOT the father!!!” Let’s hope the stories slow down soon. My nerves can’t take much more.



2) Insecurity ain’t cute! Last season I went from loving Med School (Melanie for the newbies) to being annoyed by her as she transformed from a confident & independent woman to a ball of insecurity and awful decisions. I was hoping she had matured by this season. I was wrong. Two years into her marriage, she’s still insecure about so many things. Either get over it or let Derwin go, Med School. You’re on that bull and it’s destroying your marriage. Speaking of marriage…


3) Marriage is not the place for secrets and manipulation. Melanie didn’t have a lick of business giving that baby a paternity test. That was Derwin’s decision. Either a) rationally convince your husband to have the test, b) trust his decision and get over it, or c) let him go and keep it moving with your life. On top of that Melanie shouldn’t have married that man if she couldn’t accept his child, and Derwin shouldn’t have married her if he couldn’t trust her with his child. Once kids come into the picture it’s a whole different ball game. There is truly no more time for immature, high school games. Either these two grow up or their marriage is over.


4) When people show you who they are believe them. So often we ignore our friends and associate when they show us their character. Stop that! Believe them! Tee-Tee knew Malik was a trifling, man-whore with no morals, yet he let him around his girl. Fail! Derwin knew Med School had become an insecure chick who played games, but he married her anyway. That’s looking like a mistake. People are what they show you. Stop trying to make them into something different.





5) Not all cougars are winning. These days, I’m all about dating younger men, but if you’re going to rob the cradle, please, Please, PLEASE make sure it’s a cradle worth robbing. Tasha Mack gave up Rick Foxx for Terrance J. Man, I love Tasha Mack, but she’s losing right now! I can wait to see if they develop this story into something worth watching…cause right now…ewwww!!!


6) Double check your “facts.” Misreporting is the worse. It makes you unreliable. It causes people to lose respect for you. It screws up everything. It happens every time Twitter mis-announces a celebrity death. It happened when the major news organizations couldn’t figure out whether Rep. Giffords was dead or alive. And it happened when Med School trusted her incompetent friend to perform an unauthorized paternity test on her stepson. Some information needs to be reconfirmed. A second, third, and fourth opinion are often necessary. Especially when you’re telling your husband that the two-year-old child that’s named after him isn’t his. Dummy!