All too often, we as Christians underestimate the power of prayer. We get so caught up in making things happen through our own power that we fail to invite the supernatural, all-powerful God into the situation with us. I once heard a minister say, “God is not rude. He’s not going to force His will upon you.” He’s also not going to barge into your business without you inviting Him.

My son laughed at me yesterday when I told Him I pray about everything. When I leave the house I pray for divine protection. When I’m at work, I pray my students have supernatural understanding of what I’m teaching. When I’m at the gym, I ask God to add His supernatural abilities to my natural efforts and keep me healthy and make my booty bigger (*straight face*). And when I wax and pluck my eyebrows I pray they turn out perfectly so I don’t end up with only half an eyebrow and a brown make-up pencil like I did in 2005 (*sheds tear*). And God never lets me down.

This year I’m making it my business to expand my prayer life to cover more than myself and my family. If I’m going to be about Kingdom business, I have to step outside my world. My life is now about blessing others and that must be reflected in my prayer life as well. So every Sunday, I’m composing a prayer journal. It’s simply a list of people and things for whom I’m going to pray for that week.  This list will include spiritual leaders, political leaders, friends, family, our nation, and anything that’s not lining up with God’s Word.

I’m really excited about this. Prayer undeniably changes situations, and I can’t wait to see the changes that come about. Matthew 18:19 says: “Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.” So could you imagine what would happen if the 1.3 billion Christians in the world agreed in prayer? POWERFUL! With that said, you should totally pray with me! 🙂