Deep down inside, I’m a nerd. I love learning, reading, writing (duh!), and discussing. And if I’m honest, I kind of miss it now that I’m no longer in school (PRAISE GOD!!!). I’m all about creating the life I would like to live, so in order to fill that void, I’ve started a book club, and I would love if you would join!

The name of the book club is Bad Chicks Who Read. Yes, it’s a group of girls, but if you’re a man who’s not intimidated by group of intelligent, opinionated, bad chicks who read every now and then, you can join too *smile*.

The goal this year is to read one book per month, starting with Jay-Z’s Decoded. We then meet up and discuss via the internet. All the information about the first selection is listed below in the email sent out to the group. If you would like to join (PLEASE DO!!!), click here and fill out the request form telling us a little bit about yourself.

Can’t wait to read with you! Muah!


What better way to start off 2011 than with a good read, huh? Thanks to OWN & Oprah presents Master Class, I’m really excited about our first selection of 2011, Jay-Z’s Decoded. After watching his episode of Master Class, I was intrigued by his life and philosophies, so I’m excited about the opportunity to learn more. book reviewer, Adam Bradley, describes Decoded as:

“part memoir, part coffee table book, part annotated compendium of lyrics, part polemic in the defense of hip hop’s poesy. Jay-Z (with the aid of the respected hip-hop journalist dream hampton) intersperses personal anecdotes, rhetorical broadsides, and deep reflections with rich images and typography” (

Ordering information and meet up information is below. You will receive a reading guide, etc. on Saturday, January 7th. If you have any additional information, please contact me at

Thanks for participating, ladies. YOU ROCK!!!! But you already knew that! 🙂

Meet-up/Discussion Date: Saturday, February 5th @ 2pm

Location: Somewhere on the world wide web! All you will need is a web cam and/or mic and an internet connection. An email will be sent to the list serve with more details about the meet up.

Barnes & Noble: $19.25

NookBook (ebook): $9.98

Amazon: $18.88

Kindle (ebook): $9.98