My iPhone has become a lifesaver on more than one occasion. Rather I’m bored in a faculty meeting or passing the time during the kid’s soccer practice, my iPhone apps offer endless hours of entertainment. I’m all about sharing the wealth, so here are my 10 favorite iPhone apps.

Angry Birds

Confession: I once stayed up all night playing this game before work. No seriously, I started playing around 6pm, and I didn’t stop until 6am when it was literally time to go to work. I wouldn’t advise any of you to do that, but you should download this game! It’s a strategic game where you use a variety of angry birds to destroy evil pigs. Sounds crazy. I promise it’s hours upon hours of fun. And well worth the price you pay for it. 

Price: $0.99

Twitter for iPhone

Hi, I’m Kia, and I’m addicted to Twitter. Yes, I’ve tried all the apps, and this is by far my favorite. The recent update that enables users to receive notifications when they are mentioned in the tweet was the icing on the cake.  If you must tweet, you must do so from the official app.

Price: Free

Pandora Radio

Pandora has definitely changed the way people listen to music. This app gives you the power of create your own station, so in essence you become the program director by selecting what artists, tracks, and genres of music to build your station around. This app has definitely changed my work day. And I promise it’ll change yours too!

Price: Free


YouVersion Bible App

Don’t you hate when you get to church only to forget your Bible. Or someone pisses you off at work and you need a Word from God to keep you from cutting someone (maybe that’s just me J). The YouVersion Bible app is perfect for these situations. Your bible is always just a click away. This Bible application comes with dozens of versions of the bible, a number of reading plans, while also allowing users to take notes and share verses via Twitter and Facebook. You need the Word in your life. Why not have it electronically?

Price: Free


P Tracker Lite

Don’t you hate when Aunt Flow shows up unexpectedly. This app stops that from happening and forces your favorite Auntie to schedule her visit. P Tracker Lite allows you to track your monthly menstrual cycles and your symptoms. In addition you can also track your fertilization, ovulation, and intimacy days to ensure you’re not making babies you don’t yet want. Don’t worry about privacy. This app has a discreet logo and is password protected to keep others from invading your privacy. I promise it’ll change your life, ladies.

Price: Free


Daily Burn

The Daily Burn is a great app for storing your daily nutritional and fitness information. It enables you to track how many calories you are partaking and burning each day. In addition, you can also purchase the food scanner which allows for quick and simple data entry of the foods you eat. Great for those attempting to lose weight and the gym rats like me.

Price: Free



Whether you’re trying to locate a new restaurant in your town or looking for a movie theater while out of town, Citysearch will soon becoming your best friend. It allows users to locate business establishments in various cities. Want to find out if the place you’re interested in is any good? Or want to share a bad experience? User can also share reviews of their experiences. Very necessary for those who like exploring their town.

Price: Free 




Words with Friends Free

This word game will have you hating your friends and reading the dictionary in your free time. Like Scrabble, Words with Friends allows you to strategize in order to outscore your friends by spelling out words. It’s a nerd’s dream game. Just make sure you get the free version. I really don’t see the benefit of the paid one.

Price:  Free





Talking Tom Cat

The Talking Tom Cat became famous for his hallelujah praise video, but I was loving him even before then. Basically, you talk to Tom, and he repeats what you say in his funny accent. You can also punch Tom, pull his tail, stomp his toe and pour him a glass of milk. A recent upgrade enabled you to record your Tom videos and share them with friends via YouTube, Facebook, and email.  So now you can share the fun!

Price: Free


New Birth iPhone Streaming

While this isn’t exactly an app, it is my favorite iPhone link. This allows me to stream my church’s (New Birth Lithonia) service when I’m unable to physically be in the house of worship. So now I can stream 1st service in my cycling class before getting dress to attend second service. It’s also great for the days I’m out of town, sick in bed, or stuck at soccer games. With this app, I have no excuses for missing the Word.

Price: Free