For years, before I became a REAL adult, I was the queen of media. Nowadays, I don’t get to stay on top of things like I used to because I have to be all responsible and crap. But here are a couple of my favorite books, magazines, CDs, and DVDs. I hope you enjoy!


Decoded by Jay-Z

I love all things hip-hop. So I was thrilled when Jay-Z decided to pen his story (after Oprah inspired him to no less)! While diehard fans may have most of the info in the book memorized already, hip hop needed this book. It reminds us of the intellect of hip hop is still alive and well in a world full of Waka quotes.

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Black Enterprise

2011 is going to be the year that I get my money right…and Black Enterprise shall be my guide. By providing profiles of success, practical advice, and inspiration to keep on grinding, Black Enterprise is an important part of my game plan for success.

Price: 12 issues for $10,






O! The Oprah Magazine

Oprah is the mentor I never met (you do see the name of this list!!!), so it’s only right for her to make an appearance on my favorite things list. I’m in search of my best life ever, and O! The Oprah Magazine does a great job of encouraging individuals to achieve greatness in EVERY area of their lives. With this abundance of inspiration (it’s like a 300 page magazine O_o), how can I not achieve greatness?

Price: 12 issues for $18


The Game: Seasons 1-3 DVD

It’s not often that a television show captures the glamour we desire in our lives and the realness of our relationship struggles. The Game writers have down so…excellently. This show is so popular that after it was cancelled by The CW, fans fought to bring it back on BET. So while waiting for the new season to premier on January 11th, why not enjoy it’s beginning?


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Modern Family Season 1 DVD

If you’ve never seen an episode of Modern Family, you’re definitely losing!!! The characters are honest, yet uniquely quirky and always seem to be caught up in the oddest situation, many which you will recognize from your own life and family. This first season DVD is a must have for your enjoyment purposes.

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Last Train to Paris (Deluxe Edition) by Diddy & Dirty Money

I really don’t want to like this album. Seriously, if it’s any good all the filthy change jokes that I enjoy so much will be null and void. But from what I’m hearing Diddy Dirty Money finally pulled this thing off. Persistence definitely pays off. This album was supposed to come out over a year ago. And while most of us would’ve given up Diddy kept perfecting it until he got it right. I’m now a fan of Diddy’s…and I will be buying the album…if for no other reason than Diddy’s persistence to make this work.

Price: $14.99 from iTunes


The Best of Anita Baker

Her voice is undeniable. Her songs are timeless. And her hits are endless. There’s nothing else left to say. You need Anita Baker in your life.

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Takers DVD

Loved the movie…but I loved the eye candy even more. Salute to the casting director!

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The Town DVD

I’m rarely hooked by previews, but this preview got me. Thinking back I never heard much talk about the movie. Maybe the preview was all the good stuff. But hey, how bad could it be?

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