I’ve been trying to write this blog since Sunday evening, but everything and its mother has gotten in the way of it. What I now realize is that I needed to have my Tuesday breakdown (see my Twitter account)and my Wednesday prayer meeting to fully comprehend and apply this message.

I love teaching, but the joy it used to bring me is no longer there. This tells me it’s time to move on. Over the last week I’ve talked to about five friends…all of them have the desire to move out of their present career paths. The amazing thing about us is none of us are attempting to just change jobs. ALL of us are attempting to follow purpose.  We want to use our gifts and talents to do what we love while improving the world we live in…and get paid for it! AWESOME! KINGDOM!!!

When I graduated from college in 2004, I vowed I would never work a job I didn’t love. I spend too much time at work (read: 8-10 hours a day) to not be completely happy there. So I’m making EVERY effort possible to ensure my transition in May is as smoothly as possible. I know my crew and I aren’t the only group trying to make moves. So I thought I would share some tips I’ve picked up to make sure your transition is smooth and successful as well.

 1. Understand that this is a defining moment in your life! The decisions you make now will determine the life you live. Be sure that you are creating a life better than the one you deserve. 

2. Forget about the past. “Forget the former things; do not dwell on things of the past” (Isaiah 43:18). When God got ready for Joshua to move the children of Israel into the promise land, He told them bluntly, “Moses my servant is dead” (Joshua 1:2). It was time for them to stop mourning and move forward into the promise land.  Your past is officially DEAD!!!!  Whether it was good, bad, or indifferent, there’s no reason to celebrate or mourn it any more. Now is the time to pick up and move on to your promised land.

3. Follow the steps that have been ordered. God is really the best coach in the game. No other coach even compares to Him. He has already mapped out your strategy and gone before you to ensure your victory (Joshua 1:3). All you have to do is listen to and follow His plan and you are guaranteed victory. Make sure you are spending time with Him so that you know the game plan, and then do whatever it takes to execute that plan. Remember He makes no mistakes. It may seem nonsensical to you, but He knows what He’s doing. Trust me. I’m talking from experience. This prayer always does wonders for me!

4. Stay focused. To be completely transparent, this is my issue. If I fail to complete my assignment, it will be because I was tweeting too much and didn’t stay focused. Make an effort to cut off your distractions. Your destiny is too important. You deserve the life you are creating. More importantly, other people are depending on you to succeed. If you don’t, where will that leave them?

 5. Build your team. The thing about God ideas (which are better than good ideas) is you can’t complete them alone. You need a team of people to support you and help you execute the plays. A quarterback is only as good as his left tackle. The left tackle gets paid to protect the quarterbacks blindside. Make sure you have people on your team who can be completely honest with you, protect your blindside and have your back no matter. Bad news peeps: everyone you call friend isn’t on your team. Check your “friends” and don’t be afraid to cut some out. You have business to handle. No time for fun and games with people who aren’t helping you get there.

 This blog is based on my application of Sunday’s sermon delivered by Bishop Eddie L. Long of New Birth. Please click here for more sermon notes.